Why people fail to manage time on campus, is content I was really motivated to produce for the sake of students and even office workers.

the truth is time is usually misunderstood by people on a general note

Time as a problem in the campus

Time is a system that has set the world in an orderly manner, therefore, should never be tempted by anything.

In this world, people live at the moment.

So it is better to make every step to count because, what determines success is the end of the journey, the procedures are also important as well.


The very first thing to do when it comes to managing your time is to become conscious of everything around you.

Now, being conscious of the things that steal away your time without you knowing it, or with you knowing it, but helpless and weak to protect yourself from it, is like this figure below.

It is not enough, being conscious of time and the environment, you need to do more like, planning and organizing yourself very well.

Lack of Planning on the campus

people fails to manage time on campus because of;

Planning has to do with constructing your life, arranging the calendar to suit you the best.

Don’t allow the daily activity to set their pace on your life.

you have to set the pace of the activities and how it will suit you instead.

So planning yourself through the day or for one week can help you manage your time very well and get fewer surprises than usual.

As a student, planning reduces the tendency to appear unprepared over everything and anything.

Lack of Pressure on the campus

Pressures are like will force that breaks your limits and creates an opening to manifest your true strength.

Goals give you pressure, without goals in your mind you will be relented to do something.

Lack of specific Goals

When you are setting a goal, set a specific goal in mind.

Whether you are a manager in a company or a student when you are specific on what you want, you will utilize your time and reduce distractions.

Lack of achievable/realistic goals on the campus

Setting achievable/realistic goals make you stay on the track without losing focus.

So, when you plan, plan with achievable goals in mind so you will not spare any minute of your time thinking.

This also entails that if you put your necessary strength and strategy it must yield you good results.

Lack of time consciousness on the goal you want:

There must be time attached to the goals you want to achieve.

Time is enough pressure for you to know that you are limited and need to put in enough work for it to be achieved.

Lack of reminder:

Have a reminder and schedule the things you have planned out for yourself.

To meet up on schedule it is good to have something at the back of our mind.

To have something at the back of one’s mind is like seeing the outcome of what you are working on already.

Sometimes we know what to do but want something to bug us so hard before we would want to do something.

Cut loose:

Reduce most of the activities that distract you from the big things you want to achieve.

When it comes to social media, use them when necessary and when it is important to do so.

If you could identify the important stuff, then it is easier to know the ones to cut loose.

Whether you like it or not there must be things that are not needed in your life.


Photographed by Claire Benoist; Styling: Alma Melendez

Advice to students

My only advice is for people to focus when doing anything.

This is because, life itself is in multi-task and that should be enough for anyone, instead of adding more burden to yourself.

The human brain might not be able to handle multiple tasks which is why people become stressed and also forget a lot of things.

Therefore perform your tasks one at a time for conveniences and speed.

Time is meant to be valued because you can rewind it to correct anything when you make mistakes.

To know more about time, learn more from quick time management

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