why Nigeria is still using an old system of education

Why Nigeria is still using an old system of education is an article that I have to prepare to demonstrate the failure of education in Nigeria.


Why look at the old book?

This is a question I love every Nigerian to be asking themselves.

These questions should be in every Nigerian youth tongue in order for change to be made.

Nigerian educational history

It was like every other day among the people of a certain race.

Calm and sunny, until the invaders came.

They came to introduce the people of the race to civilization.

The White became the master while the race became the slave.

They have wealth and wisdom while we have natural resources and foolishness.

The white came to educate us and also to take from us.

We were using the same model of education that has been existing from the old.

They succeeded in joining different races together.

People with no special ability to amalgamate themselves, People that have no love for themselves.

We were held together by a great psychological power which makes it impossible for them to divide us any longer.

This is because even if they try, they will not succeed.

There were major people that were making the decisions.

The different group within Nigeria political division and education standards

The northern group

Groups based in the north hold no academic love but we’re very loyal and good in their political ambition.

Western group

The second group was the west they love education and accepted it for a change they mixed their education with the very challenges of life.

Eastern Group

These people are fairly educated and hold their different ideologies about the way things should be.

Southern group

Then the last group in the South were also fairly educated this is because they were a subset of the East group.

I know you want to ask me a question about these things I just said now, but I am not here to tell history.

Since then the leading house in education has always been the west.

This is due to the quality and quantity of education.

The question is who do we measure up to? By now you know that my focus is on the Nigerian education system.

Nigerian system of education

There are countries in Africa that, we are better than but right now this is no longer the case.

We have been in the system for about 40 years but we are still dwelling in the past, while others have long moved on.

Nigeria was using paper and pen for their jamb examinations, they started using the computer for exams recently.

Why is that?

Nigeria was meant to follow the trend but they ave solely refused to.

So it has made our system of education to be backward.

The education system needs improvement.

From ancient times till now not much has changed and this has stagnated development everywhere in the country.

First Nigeria was using a traditional form of education which was mostly informal.

Then, education was from common sense which was mostly based on tradition and custom of a particular place.

What do I mean by “why look at the old book”?

This is simply a symbolism that talks about learning in an old way.

The education system is old and needs awakening from within and also from the outside.

From the nursery section to the university section, the kind of material used in the nursery to university is poor.

I don’t want to dwell more on the history of Nigerian education.

This is because I know it is something almost everyone knows and is accessible to everybody.

You can read up one here

Why the Nigerian system of educations has not improved since then

Since the British and the missionary’s visit to Nigeria in the good old days, Nigerian educations have not really changed much.

In general terms, Nigeria’s education has made people miserable.

Why am I saying this?

I am saying this because most people graduate without knowing anything around their field due to the university approach to teaching.

Different approaches to learning and teaching

There are different types of teaching.

But none of these teachings is making things easier for students.

In so many of the universities, there is less equipment for teaching.

The teacher hardly knows the subject matter.

How can they teach it very well, if they are as blind as the student?

There is a need for demonstrative learning and the use of instructional materials likes audio, audio-visual, visuals and live models.

All the faculties need to have a laptop with different software, tailored towards their courses.

For example, engineers need to learn how to use and manage AutoCAD and other designing applications.

The doctors and so many other departments need to have something that assists them in learning.

Is it a crime to make our learning a bit comfortable for us?

I am crying out on this note because so many things I see around the educational sector are alarming.

Money for projects is being squandered on useless stuff.

Important things are taken care of, as no one is supervising them or even care.

The laboratory is empty, nothing is serving as support for our learning.

That is why sometimes I pity the pure and industrial chemistry students in Nigerian universities.

This is because they are just learning an imaginative course.

Most of the chemicals they study all the time are invisible to them.

Having known what the topic is talking about.

What is the effect of this system on students and the development of the country?

The system of education that Nigeria has adopted has made her students frustrated and unproductive.

It has caused more death and harm due to unbearable ways of learning attached to the system.

Most of the lecturers are good.

But they also do not know how to impact what they know to others.

Then I asked what is the need of knowing if you can not impact it?

Many students have committed suicide in the courses of their learning in the this country.

And, others were thrown out possibly because they couldn’t meet.

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