Why Nigeria is still using an old system of education 2

Why Nigeria is still using an old system of education 2 is the continuation of the first version that explains why school is the six dirty letter word


The difficulties in Nigerian educations continue to increase

It is not that the student can not understand the content of what is being taught.

But there is an error in the method of teaching it.

The method of teaching has made the students see education in a different light.

So in essence, many students have given up on the education system.

Many students now prefer to study outside the country because of the facilities that they have there.

why people easily move out of the country to study

If the schools in Nigeria is good, then why is it that people are moving out of the country every now and then.

People move out of the country because the system is outdated and needs to be updated as soon as possible.

Many students who have endured the stress that Nigerian schools have placed on them become unstoppable when they study outside.

This is because they have understands the techniques of everything and how are done.

The reasons why Nigerian students do surprisingly well as an education system

Mostly because of the stress those students have passed through in their home country.

And, also because of their daily hard work, which enables them to multi-task.

Nigerian students have always been in a competitive state more than other students across the globe.

That is why, when they go out there, they do surprisingly well.

The environment of learning in Nigeria is hard compared to other countries.

The Nigerian environment does not have enough utilities to control the improvement in the learning of a student.

Example of class statistic

For example, class capacity is meant to be at least 20 students to 1 teacher.

In Nigeria, it’s over 200 students in a small class or hall with 1 teacher.

It is not enough for Nigeria to have harsh conditions.

It should not be what people rejoice for.

They also need to have the facilities and equipment to help them improve and back them up.

How do we stop looking at the old book as an education system?

The government should sponsor schools in Nigeria whether privately owned or government-owned.

If they stop diverting the funds into their personal accounts there will be improvements in education.

The education system should be allocated more funds in the national budget.

If this happens, there would be enough money to build standard laboratories and computer-assisted programs.

And also, other facilities to help the students learn with ease.

Support from the government

The private and corporate owners of schools should reduce their school fees.

This should happen as soon as the government starts supporting them.

This is for their school to be accessible to students across the globe and without discrimination class.

The government should keep the promises they have made to teachers and students to avoid strikes.

This is because strike actions take the schools backward, encouraging most students to quit.

Measures should be taken when establishing a school

As the school is developing, some temporal measures should be taken.

This could be done by bringing the whites to teach the students most of their sophisticated technologies and facilities.

Also, the government should also sponsor some lecturers to go abroad.

This is for them to get involved in various research work over there.

This will help them to improve the education system in Nigeria also.

Students should be sent abroad for studies also and exchange idea

Reasons for Nigerian campuses outdated education and the countries backwardness

Nigerians campuses are really suffering backwardness.

This is because Nigeria they are still doing the following;

The corruption within the school should be reduced and the government should be revived.

Poverty mentality should be totally avoided and cleaned out in Nigerian politics.

People to go into the government with the mindset of making money the product of our poverty mentality.

We should forsake the old system of education.

If you check out the legends that came out of Nigeria in literature and other educational discoveries.

They are mostly trained by the white or the ones that traveled and learned outside Nigeria altogether.

Only a few learned people still consider the best because of their personal efforts.

If we learn with updated facilities and computer-assisted programs, we should able to do better.

Then why learn with the old book?

Is it because we love it or because we can not learn with standard and sophisticated environment and campuses like others across the globe.

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