It was just like every other day among the people of a certain race. Calm and sunny, until the invaders came.

They came to introduce the people of the race to civilization.

They became the master while the race became the slave. They have wealth and wisdom while we have natural resources and foolishness.

They came to educate us and to take from us.  We were using the same model of education.

They succeeded in joining different race together. People with no special ability to amalgamate themselves. People that have no love for themselves.

We were held together by a great psychological power which makes it impossible for them to divide any longer because even if they try, they will not succeed.

There were major people making the decisions, that altered ever attempt. The group based in the north they hold no academic love but we’re very loyal and good in their political ambition.

The second group was the west they love education and accepted it for a change they mixed their education with the very challenges of life.

There comes another group of people called the east. They are fairly educated and hold their different ideology about the way things should be. Then the last group the South they were also fairly educated this is because they were a subset of the east.

I know you want to ask me a question about that but I am not here to tell history. Since then the leading house in education has always been the west.

This is due to the quality and quantity of education. The question is who do we measure up to? By now you know that my focus is on the Nigerian education system.

There are countries in Africa that, we are better than but right now this is no longer the case. We have been in the system for about 40 years but we are still dwelling in the past, while others have long moved on.

Nigeria was using paper and pen for their jamb examinations, it is only of recent, that they started using the computer. Why is that? Nigeria was meant to follow the trend but they refused to. So it has made our system of education to be backward.

The education system needs to improve. From ancient times till now not much has changed.

First Nigeria was using a traditional form of education which was mostly informal. then education was from the common sense which was mostly based on tradition and custom of a particular place.

What do I mean by the title of this blog post this is simply a symbolism which talks about learning in an old way. The education system is old and needs awakening.

From the nursery section to the university section, the kind of material used in the nursery to university is poor.

I don’t want to dwell more on the history of Nigerian education because I know it is something that is almost everywhere and accessible to everybody.

Since the British and the missionary’s visit to Nigeria in the good old days, Nigerian things have not really changed much. On general terms, education has made people miserable.

Why am I saying this? It is because most people graduate without knowing anything due to the university approach to teaching.

There are different types of teaching. But none of these teachings is making things easy for students.

In so many of the universities, there is less equipment for teaching. The teacher hardly knows the subject matter, how can they teach it very well.

There is a need for demonstrative learning and the use of instructional materials likes audio, audio-visual, visuals and live models.

All the faculties need to have a laptop with different software, tailored towards their courses, for example, engineers need to learn how to use and manage AutoCAD and other designing applications.

The doctors and so many other departments need to have something that assists them in learning. This thing is needed.

Is it a crime to make our learning a bit comfortable for us?

The laboratory is empty, nothing is serving as support for our learning. That is why sometimes I pity the pure and industrial chemistry students in a Nigerian university. This is because they are just learning the imaginative course. Most of the chemical they study all the times are invisible to them.

Having known what the topic is talking about. What is the effect of this system on students and the development of the country?

The system of education that Nigeria has adopted has made the students frustrated and unproductive.

It has caused more death due to unbearable ways of learning attached to it. Most of the lecturers are good but they also do not know how to impact what they know.

Then I asked what is the need of knowing if you can not impact it?

Many students have committed suicide in the courses of their learning and others couldn’t meet up and was thrown out.

It is not that the student can not understand the content of what is being taught but the method of teaching was unbearable for them.

The method of teaching has made the students see education in a different light and also becoming trivial about their course.

So in essence, many students have given up on the education system.

Many students now prefer to study outside because of the facilities that they have there.

If the schools in Nigeria is good, then why is it that people are moving out of the country now and then. This is because the system is outdated and needs to be updated.

Are there any advantages in this system? Yes, it is lower in comparison to the disadvantages.

Many of the students who ended enduring the stress that Nigerian schools give to them when they go out for more study they perform better after understanding how things are done there.

Why is it like that? It is like that because of the stress the particular student has passed through and the hard studies he/she has been through.

This will allow him to be in a competitive state more than people that have had it soft all there life. When they go out there, they do surprisingly well.

The environment of learning in Nigeria is hard compared to other environment but it does not have enough utilities to control the improvement in the learning of a student. For example, class capacity is meant to be at least 20 students to 1 teacher but in Nigeria, it’s over 200 in a small class or hall.

It is not enough for Nigeria to have the harsh conditions they need to have the facilities to help them improve.

How do we stop looking at the old book?
The government should be a sponsor of schools in Nigeria whether privately owned or government-owned.

If they stop diverting the funds into their personal accounts there will be improvements in education. So Education system should be allocated more funds in the national budget. If this happens there would be enough money to build standard laboratories and computer assistance programs and other facilities to help the students in learning with ease.

The private and corporate owners of school should reduce their school fees as soon as the government starts supporting them for their schools to be accessible to students.

The government should keep the promises they have made to avoid strikes because strike actions take the schools backward, encouraging the student to quit.

As the school is developing some temporary measures should be taken by bringing in the whites to teach the students this technology and facilities.

Also, the government should also sponsor some lecturers in going abroad for them to get involved in various research to help improve the education system in Nigeria, lecturers should be carefully selected and talented student should also be sponsored so that they can contribute to the educational system in Nigeria.

Nigerians campuses are really suffering backwardness but it should not be permanent. The corruption within the school should be reduced and the government should be rejuvenated.

The poverty mentality should be totally avoided so that people would not go into the government with the mindset of making money.

We should forsake the old system of education. If you check out the legends that came out of Nigeria in literature and other educational discoveries, they are mostly trained by the white or the ones that traveled and learned outside Nigeria altogether.

If we learn with updated facilities and computer-assisted programs, we should able to do better.

Then why learn with the old book? Is it because we love it? or because we can’t get to the standard of learning in a sophisticated environment and campuses.

Run to your change because the era is drastically changing.

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