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Do you know some people by the end of college will have nowhere to go back to? This is true because everybody points hands to the government, but, the question is have the young ones achieved their own parts? They have not. Many people will be moving round and round till time go against them.

Some groups of people have never had a questioned in their mind before… while studying, that is why most of them never truly discovered that they are more than they are now.

Do you have a question on your mind?

Everyone, at some point in their lives, starts asking critical questions about lives. Just asking this questions without thinking deep and putting something in place will result to nothing.

At this point in life you choose from the two roads ahead of you, this is either being lazy or solving the problem in front of you.

In this life there are essential questions that should be asked always, and these questions are

This very topic is not a question of place, it is a question of activity and survival, will you fall or will you be among those making severe changes.

Why are things the way they are now? This question is very important as it implies that there is an anomaly in the current way of life. Maybe the current way of life is not favorable and appealing to you and to anyone around you.

How did things turn out the way it is now? This is a question of reflections after trying so many things and the person in question is trying to find back his way back to his former route.

What will I do to correct this effect? This is a question of trying to fix things that have already spoilt but with technicality.

If this question has never popped into your head before, then I should be asking what you have been thinking all long.

This series of question is what brings us close to adulthood, but trying to solve them is what makes us different from others around us. This is because some people will think of this definitely but might be afraid of stepping out to solve them.

If you start asking these questions of life very early and well enough, you might avoid the question of “how you ended up making mistakes” and move forward without regrets.

Preparation is one of the concepts that were born with man both old and small. After all a mother prepares herself in order to put to birth. This helps them to plan for the family extensively.

While you are going to school you can prepare and train yourself in other things that will be useful to your life in the near future.

How does this work?

Take for example, naturally you are studying computer science, you can prepare ahead of time to advance yourself by learning extra computer programming than what you have been taught, which was not originally taught to you. You can do this by putting your free time to use because obviously after you are done with the program  you are studying you must step out to the real worlds and you must exerts what makes you different from others, which definitely means that people will be expecting more from you.

There is always an added knowledge that will push you further than you are. The question is, were you able to harness the needed knowledge when it was before you? Preparedness, tells you that there is an opportunity somewhere and that you need to prepare in order to take it.

What has affects our senses of hard works and better prediction of life?

So many things makes us take life for granted, sometimes when we don’t struggle for what we need or want, they fall on to our feet without stress. We rarely appreciate their importance, till they are gone.

Now, the things that affect our sense of hard works and as well as natural prediction of life are

Laziness: people naturally become lazy and see it as something that do not need your concern. You go for other things that will likely not have any better outcome because we want to probably want to avoid hard work.

Have you ever wanted to do something and the process is a long one, and on top of it  has so many uncertainties attached to it?

This is exactly what breeds laziness, because people don’t want to go the extent of doing all the process and end up with nothing at the end of the road.

Idealism as against Realism: People immerse themselves in the world of ideals in order to calm their fear… the fear of the unknown is very dangerous; it drove me to be impatient. The fear of the unknown reduces the uncertainty of result. So people naturally wants to stay in the world of ideal where, they feel there is no pain. In the world of ideal you can control things the way you want it to be.

How to overcome hindrances of and uncertainty of life

Many people have tried to overcome this shadow that hunts them a lot. They want to be free from the void and idealism of life.

Idealism is good, but no one should dwell on ideals for too long.

In order for one to overcome such uncertainty, one should be educated on the general effect of life and as well as the kind of determination needed to break free from the illusionary aspect of life. Nothing is so easy as well as hard.

Picture the opportunity coming to you:  Without foresight you cannot perceive what is coming to you. It is not necessary to see it but feeling it and believing, will allow you to work hard and be consistence and persistence about the things you want the most.

Picture your success in front of you: When you want to overcome any form of laziness, uncertainty as well as to motivate yourself it is easier to picture yourself succeeding in the things you desire as well that you will feel enough of energy flowing within you.


I am a blogger, I write about campus lifestyle, health, societal problem and how to increase performance on sport. Therefore I am a coach on campus related matter, health, and sport.

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