What you need to know about reading for exams and reading for pleasure

What you need to know about reading for exams and reading for pleasure, is an important article I wrote to help young students to understand themselves.

The students should check this out as it is important in their education and experience.

There is always what prompts people to read and the better we start understanding these things the better for us all.

Key points I will be looking into are simple please do well to follow up

  • The rate of understanding when reading for exams or when reading for pleasure.
  • Your calmness when reading for exams and when reading for pleasure.
  • Where information is stored for those that are reading for exams and those reading for pleasure.
  • Too much raw and un-optimized files when reading for exams and when reading for pleasure.
  • The rate of file escaped when reading for exams and when reading for pleasure.

The rate of understanding when reading for exams or when reading for the pleasure

The significance of reading for exams and reading for pleasure is different; it is about 23% to 63%.

When we read for exams our brain is actually under constant pressure and tension.

Let me rephrase that when we see exams as a race and a scary shadow that must be overcome before getting accepted in society.

It creates a counter effect on our study.

How exam stress is developed

Exam stress does not develop in a day. It is a chain reaction that starts its development right from the two or three weeks prior to exams.

In case we are not familiar with how exam stress is developed, I will explain it right away.

Exam stress is developed over time, with all our emotional domain racking up different events together.

The brain is unable to know how to understand this stuff because it has essentially become part of its functionalities.

The emotions of fear and anxieties of failure come as a result preparation of the event.

when the event is not an enjoyable and willful one but as a result of the derivative of something in the future.

For the brain, to process all these data is difficult as they are overloaded and processes shutting down

We understand less when we read for exams than when we read pleasure.

The reason for this reduction in understanding while reading for an exam is because of emotional instability.

When preparing for exams, it is always stressful and full of anxiety, and you may even experience burnouts more often.

In this process, your brain releases cortisol to slow the system down and too much cortisol over time is dangerous to our brain.

Our brain starts pacing and shutting down which makes us forget the most important stuff after reading as a student.

Now about from our brain having difficulty understanding the whole concept of what we want.

We are always in a hurry to cram the whole concepts instead of understanding it.

Even when people hate what we are reading most of the time.

We never made an effort to understand them because our brain has considered them unimportant for our use.

So, if what we are studying never had a significant effect on us that means our brain does not accept it that is why people read without fully concentrating.

People also, read without understanding what they are reading or the brain even suggests an alternative for them instead of wasting their time.

I want to explain the effect of cortisol on overall learning

Cortisol is a steroid and it is induced over long and overstayed stress.

High levels of cortisol over a long period of time would wreak havoc on the brain as it destroys the brain cells and reduces the brain…..literally!

Too much secretion of cortisol also decreases the neurons in the amygdala the fear center of the brain.

As the number of cortisol increases, the center of the brain for learning, memory, and stress control, the hippocampus reduces also.

How cortisol fight the brain

Now take a look at how cortisol fights the brain.

It is true that it slows down the action of the body system but it is also different when it becomes too much.

Too much cortisol can shrink our brain further and affects our judgment, decision making, and behavioral pattern and even our levels of concentration.

What happens when we read for pleasure?

What happens differently when we read for pleasure?

A lot happens when we read for enjoyment because you are reading what you want without being bothered about judgment or grade.

When you are reading for pleasure you are open for the books to be absorbed.

Most times the person reading the books knows the authors, always wants to learn from them and is always happy to see their latest inventions and publications.

They have admired the author or those particular categories they are reading, and want all the knowledge they could get.

When we read for pleasure our percentage to understand the concept triples and our understanding becomes unlimited.

Studies shows that reading for pleasure reduces stress to the minimum and that means there won’t be any need for cortisol secretion.

There won’t be any need for the destruction of so many neurons due to the constants secretion of cortisol.

Believe it or not, the mind is stimulated and active as you submerge yourself to the stories that shape your whole being and mind.

It also sharpens your perception toward things, thereby improving your judgment and mental power.

You are not forced, you are not judged, you are not giving a deadline, and everything is done because you want to do it and not because of a specific reason of passing a damn course.

Understanding and retrieving has never been a problem for these people because it is their hobby and they are happy doing it.

comparison with reading for exam and reading for pleasure

Now, comparing reading for exams and for pleasure the main idea has been passed down and the result is glaring as reading for pleasure far surpasses reading for that of reading for exams.

Your calmness when reading for exams or when reading for pleasure

How do we know the books that will be enjoyable to us and those that will not suit our ideas?

It is simple, everybody has what they love as a teenager, and if the love you have for these things lasts for a long time, then it is genuine.

We have the highest degree of calmness when reading for pleasure than we reading for exams.

This is because we are not giving a deadline or rush hours for it, so in that case, your heart rate is at Its minimum or beats slowly.

This is self-explanatory because what we love does not increase our worries but what we don’t love probably for the purpose of grades will do so.

It has been discovered that our emotional state when reading books that we love and reading it with our right mind is awesome.

These statistics are unbelievable compared to the stress and unwanted compositions of reading for exams or being compelled to read.

Where information is stored for those that are reading for exams and those reading for pleasure

You might have been wondering where all information stored in the brain except in the brain.

Well, for one part you are right but the other hand, your degree of truth to the matter is very low.

Yes, all information is stored in the brain and the power of the mind but some information is stored in the short term memory and has no effect in the mind.

This is because the mind is converting nothing from short term memory as it has no effect on it.

When we read for pleasure, it is amazing how much information we store than when we read for exams.

After an exam, the brain tends to push away most information or rather cache them to acquire new ones.

Now, it takes a maximum amount of energy and brain work to bring up previous work read in a hurry or under stress to come up into the surface once again.

The information encoded in short term memory is in the form of “Acoustic” while storage is finite.

This means most times we store information without knowing the meaning and that is what reading for exams makes us do most of the time.

Taking exams based on your love on a particular course and taking exams, not for love.

Now, you might be saying to yourself what if you are taking exams for what you love?

Well even if you love what you are doing, when it comes to tests and exams, there is this abnormal change in frequency that happens to your whole system.

The frequency dis-stabilizes you all of a sudden, making your emotion incompatible with studies.

The percentages of people that can store information in their long time memory as related to reading for exams are for people that love what they are reading.

Now, the problem most of the time is that these people only stop at storing it in their long term memory, sometimes recalling it becomes a problem as what they know does not become a habit.

The only times it extends from memory to habit is when they have gone out of the four walls of the school and keep practicing what they know.

On the other hand, people that read for the love of what they are reading, store the information not only in their long term memory but create a sequence of habit to back it up for easy remembering.

This is because they so much love the things which prompted them to read it and their love is beyond rationality.

Too much raw and un-optimized files when reading for exams and when reading for pleasure

Too much raw information is stored without being optimized when reading for exams.

These words are too raw that after the exams the brain easily disposes of them.

For words to be optimized, the word must pass the process of constant reading when it comes to education.

When the words or information is optimized then it will stop hard working the brain and mental processes are reduced.

How does this work?

Once information is transferred from long term memory to habit, from that moment the brain has little part to play when it comes to the information.

This is because the words have become part of who we are and the characters has been embed in our whole system.

There are so many mental processes going on in the brain.

One happens after the other but habit is not one of the mental processes.

So knowing something to the point of a habit is optimization from the brain to the body functionalities.

This is what happens when we read for pleasure and that is why sometimes we want to imitate the author’s behaviors almost the way they do.

The rate of forgetfulness when reading for exams and when reading for pleasure

Now what will surprise you is the way by which files become useless in the brain when not properly stored or when considered useless by the brain.

The Brain has evolved over time according to research.

In 1837 modern version of school was created by Horace Mann, actually later on the world adopted it.

In the 16th century, an idea began to spread that childhood should be about learning and schooling.

So, the compulsory system of education developed around this period of time.

Where am I driving with this?

Since this period of time the brain has been evolving, so it has derived patterns for its functionalities.

The brain evolves with the number of years past and the processes that comes with it turn to a pattern.

Through these numbers of years, the brain has learned to remove unwanted information after exams.

That means caching that information to bring in new ones.

Meanwhile, those that read for pleasure do not face these challenges as all information encoded passes through processes to even become a habit of life.

The brain is automated and follows particular patterns, which means the rate of loss of information is on the increase for those that read for the exam.

On the other hand reading for exams is like a purpose giving to the brain, so after the purpose has been fulfilled the brain automatically disposes off the information.

This is because the brain thinks he has no use for the information and that when needed could be encoded back.

Meanwhile reading for pleasure has no purpose the brain thinks the information is on use every moment.

The brain responds to emotion, how you feel is how he will act.

The power of our emotions is very important to the rate of our understanding and has little to contribute to understanding.

IQ is also important but everything does not depend on it.

Take for example some African students never knew their IQ right from birth till old age but still performs a lot in their various corners.

Most of them that were given opportunities globally has proven themselves over and over again.

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