What We Didn’t Know About Extra-Curricular Activity

what we didn’t know about an extra-curricular activity is a piece of writing I found interesting on its own.

I personally think it will improve the student management of school activity and extracurricular activity and the importance.

How To Balance Your Education With Extra-Curricular Activities As A College Student

Long-time ago I used to be the victim of distraction.

Instead of extra-curricular activity to empower me, I thought they will lead to my decline, said one of the popular speakers in a conference I attended 2017.

In that certain conference, I listen to different outstanding stories.

One of these stories was based on academic achievement with the help of an extracurricular activity.

The story was about one of the attendance at the conference, he told a story about how he misunderstood extracurricular activity.

He said, back then in school I gave everything to my education, I was what people called “overzealous”.

I attended all my lectures even the irrelevant once that earned me nothing, absolutely nothing.

To date, I am still wondering about the importance of these lectures in my life.

He continued, my school has generations of different academic and brilliant minds.

Most of them are the founder or pioneers of many educational ventures that will know today.

you know what? they never failed.

the fact is these people performed more than me.

In my 300level I had to do serious thinking as to why I was not effective despite my enthusiasm for class and learning, here is what I found out.

Analysis of why I never did very well in college

While they were in their extracurricular activities.

They were having hand-on (practical) experiences from all the major theories that will have been struggling with, in the class.

They had seen it real and has practiced it.

Most of them have gone to the places where those things were formed and discovered.

It became clear to me that they had real knowledge.

And, that could not be explained very well through in the books used in teaching us.

I had to step up and join a club and it was a science club.

By the end of the third year and the middle of my fourth year.

I was seeing a promising result and the experience was worth it.

later I was rewarded for discovering a particular chemical activity.

The base for discovering these was because I was wondering why an acid as chlorine as part of cooking salt.

It was a joyful moment borne from an extracurricular activity.

Advice on how serious to take practical works and theory as a college student

Please don’t think these theories are everything in school.

This is because most of the extracurricular activities open our brains for more understanding of the theories these teachers teach.

I know you must have been wondering what I meant by extracurricular activity empowering individuals.

Alright, when extracurricular activity happens in the right ways it leads to empowerment.

“Empowering” in this context means it will give you more mental productivity as well as physical production.

The power of Extra-curricular activity in college

As a result of extracurricular activity, you are refresh from all your previous work.

When you are refresh from your previous activities then enhance productivity.

Listen, Extracurricular activity is not all about empowerment.

it is a source of fun in both high schools and colleges.

It is used in identifying individuals.

If you are hung up on class activity you would be considered as a Nerd, and abnormal.

And, sometimes people don’t want to hang around such people for a long time.

Extracurricular activities are those activities that are out of the all-round class activity.

The extracurricular activity does not pressure for a grade but it happens through commitments and enhancement.

An extracurricular activity can take the form of CREATIVITY like dancing and playing an instrument.

Extra-curricular can also take the form of ACTION like being in a team or non-team games like sport

Now don’t quote me wrong when I said extracurricular activity, what  I meant was an activity that can refresh your mental health and enhance more productivity.

You should be able to know that extracurricular activity is not the same as recreational activities.

The steps to balancing extracurricular activity with your academics life as a college student.

First, you should know the kind of activity you want to go into and why you want to go into those activities.

After knowing all these, you can then develop a strategy on how to balance these activities

Steps To Balance Extracurricular Activity With Academic

The key point is Assessment

You should know yourself very well.

you should know what you are capable of doing and what you are not capable of doing.

With this knowledge, you can make better preparation.

This gives you an overall knowledge of your weaknesses and strength.

Schedule and timing

You should schedule your time and plan yourself so you can manage your extracurricular work perfectly.

First, you should know your time of studies and schoolwork,

Fix the proper time for your outside school activity.

You have to be engaged with one extracurricular activity in one semester and even till graduation.

You should try not to make extra-curricular activity overbearing.

Be disciplined

You should not waste all your time on a particular activity.

It is proper for you to divide your time very well to fit into your class activity.

Always have your rest

You should have a special rest period.

you should try to dismantle your daily activity and weekly activities.

God is no fool for resting on a particular day during his creation.

That is to tell you how important rest is in our daily and weekly life.

On a particular day, you should try to have a time set for rest.

when you have a rest it will refresh your mind and body and make you be productive.

Always look at extracurricular activity as a secondary force instead of a primary force.

When you are dividing or sharing your energy.

give your academic 70%, extracurricular activity 20% and rest 10%

This order is perfect because nothing is left untouched.

The sources for this article are many but I will site this reference only

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