To identify a raped victim there are two easiest ways

To identify a raped victim there are two easiest ways to do that, I have put in a lot of work to help people recognize the raped victims.

Have you ever decided to help anyone before, because to identify a raped victim there must be a suspected victim?
This is where you start tracing their trail?
If you can’t identify a rape victim, you can’t help them.
To identify a raped victim there must be hard work to put in place but don’t sweat over it too much.
This is because I am here to make it easier for you.

Examples on how to identify a rape victim

I am going to give you a simple method on how to identify a raped victim.

This will enable you to help out when you discover rape victims.

I am sure it will be of help to you when you know this.

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A raped victim may suffer without the public knowing anything about it.

Many of them fail to even open up to their family members.

Sometimes they carry the secrete to their grave without anyone knowing of it.

Sometimes, they may even commit suicide to stop the excruciating pain on their own.

Don’t blame them always, for not opening up.

It is very hard for someone to open up a sensitive case, like rape.

they rather hurled it inside and die holding the pain.

They wouldn’t want to be stigmatized or perceived as a replacement or subservient for action that was not their fault.

Sometimes, people go as far as asking wired questions like, how did you end up raped?

what were you wearing, they will always ask?

Many of these questions have no relation to solving rape issues.

No wonder it is very hard to disclose such issues with people because you know they might not help you solve it.

I’ve discovered over the years through observation and research, that trying to hear raped victims come up in the public to disclose their sad story doesn’t always work out.

the developed method of handling rape issues

There has to be a developed method of handling the exposure of rape.

That is when I came up with the method of observing keenly to know these victims very well.

This tips, I will be giving you will not work very well unless you draw nearer to the suspected victim.

The two methods to identify a rape victim is

Suspicion and focused group discussion

In this method, one preceded the other.

1. Suspicion:

there must be suspicion for verification to occur.

Rape is not written boldly in the face of people but it is written with expressions and psychology of the victim.

That is where observation comes to play.

The psychology of rape victims and normal victims are not the same.

Females are sensitive, but raped victims are more sensitive.

This is what you look out for when observing suspected victims

Sometimes they feel traumatic about the site of the opposite gender physically and mentally but works hard to conceal these expressions.

They feel this way because they rather trust a pet than trusting the opposite sex.

this is because of what has happened to them in the past.

So by observing carefully, you can identify a victim more or less.

They also have the tendency to be afraid of sex whether on hearing it or seeing someone doing it or even feeling the presence of the male genital organ.

Sometimes they lack confidence in themselves because they fill like they have been defiled.

So presenting such a body to the person they love becomes a hard thing to them.

So they hate sex and equally the opposite sex because each time they close their eyes they will always remember the scenario without having a way to calm down their fear and anger.

This might surprise you, but during the course of my research.

I found out that some ladies degenerated so much because of their earlier experiences with rape.

Because of the rape, some part of their conscience had a total shut down.

This means that they stopped some feelings which they know that brooding over them will be a waste of their time.

They throw these feelings away and take their sex life to the next level.

They either become promiscuous and prostitutes or even remain nothing at all.

when I asked my Rape victims friends

When I got to ask one of them. A lot of ladies said they lost the reason to protect their bodies any longer.

Once they got raped they say to themselves there is no need of concealing it anymore, they said, I have become trash so no need to hold back.

Some feel like rape has imprisoned them and that they need to be set free.

The first method must be established before moving on to the next one, that is why I said they preceded each other.

You must establish the suspicion stage first before moving on to the focused group discussion.

2. Focused group discussion.

Don’t get me wrong because I called it a focused group, it doesn’t mean it must be in a group.

As a matter of fact, it has to be one on one discussion because female are really sensitive to certain issues.

If you are a male entity and you want to discover issues concerning a rape victim, then, all you have to do is to get a female to play the role for you.

Even if the girl is your best friend the chances of her opening up to you are like 0.10% which will not likely end well.

Have you ever wanted to know a girl’s secret and she twisted the whole thing with lies?

Well, I have, and that is exactly what they will do because they might not even tell their mother except their closeness with them are unquestionable.

Now you will be asking yourself, what will I do then?

Well, nothing is too difficult when you have made up your mind.

What is required here is homogeneity between you two.

If the victim that has been rape is about 23 years old and a female.

Then it would be better to use someone looking the same age as her, and on top of it, a lady also.

Everything must compliment the person you are impersonating and they must be looking the same in almost everything.

Even if it has to be fake but it needs to be perfect for it to work well.

As the person that is seeking the information, you have to put yourself in the victim’s shoe,

This is because without that you can’t get any information from her.

You have to elicit her into talking, the person you are using, has to be a good actor in order to feel the same pain the other person is feeling.

consequences of doing it wrongly

If it is not done that way the person won’t give any information to the other person.

You have to say the thing she would likely say and allow her to open up on her own while she listens to your own painful story.

Listen very carefully, it takes some ladies time to disclose their secret to a stranger even if they are facing the same challenges.

So what you will do is to go for an undercover and befriend her for a longer time so that she will free in giving up the information that you need.

Note this

the reason why they might not open up to their mother is that they feel their mother does not understand what they are going through.

Probably their mother has not spent quality time with them, they won’t open up to her if she hasn’t spent time with the victim.

So if you are a mother and you notice or suspect something different about your child.

This is what you have to do, get someone of the same characteristics that can easily extract the information from her.

They might also use some kind of reward to lure them in, but the reward must not be used all the time.

This is how you identify a raped victim.

Remember if you can’t identify them you can’t help them.

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