There are friends that will contribute to your future but they can never be you or act like you, together you can all build a bright future.

 They contribute to your life and never complain in an unnecessary issue but always loyal to the friendship, they are true friends.

The truth of the matter is, you can not change your friend’s lifestyle, not more than you can change your self, you can not convince people to live the way you do and also to  like the things you like, except it happened when you were little because at that point you can be easily convinced.

Simeon had a rough life that changed him a lot. He stopped, caring about people and he started becoming agitated over little things. Simeon enters the university thinking he can trust anyone he met until he got manipulated. Had he understood things earlier he would not have an issue. Unfortunately, he trusted people would be just like him because he would not hurt anyone, no matter how bad the situation but it was different.

In the university community suspect everyone because people pretend a lot and even while in the outside world suspect everyone, that makes it a lot easier to live in the world. In the other sense, it makes sense to trust people sometimes this is because it makes one comfortable to do so.
In this life, there are people who run to meet you. These people want something from you. It is good to allow this person because it makes you feel the confidence that there are things you can do for them and it will improve you and also make you popular.

There are people who you run to meet you, these are people who you expect something from,  you expect things like knowledge, wisdom, and opportunities. It is generally good to associate with these people because it will open closed doors for you and create a good network system for you.

There are people who are of the same level, they are in the form of course mate, colleague, partners, etc this type of people needs mutual understand. It always improves competition within themselves.

Listen, One thing about competition, it is generally good for someone to compete against himself. Because if you compete against yourself you will continue to grow but when you compete with someone when the person stops or goes down you might likely follow.

These are the things you are going to do about trusting people;
Test people before you trust them. I know it is easier to trust people because testing them takes time. But trust is a treasure, you must give it to those that are worth it. Helping is good but always try not to think of getting back. When you help let it be out of empathy. It will serve a longer and better purpose than when you do it for the sake of pride, So be careful in whatever you do. Do not hurt others just to feel powerful or to satisfy your curiosity. Weigh the consequence of what you are doing because karma always has his way of settlement.

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