The three main issues in the Nigerian university hostels is an article I was inspired as a result of what is happening in the Nigerian university hostels.


What do you think people see in the Nigerian university hostel?

What students see in the hostel is different from what people are thinking on a daily bases.

Do you know that we think of the very concept of university different from people outside?

The complexities of University

The university is very complex, more like a place with its mind, and of course, I am here to explain the complexity of the university.

The hostel is a piece that cannot be separated from the university itself.

You might want to ask me why but this is the answer, it is one of the pieces that make the university complete.

A hostel is a place that cannot stand on its own except it is attached to universities.

It is a place so many people would describe a rough and in-comprehensive place, due to the life that people live in these hostels.

I want to focus on a particular university, which is the University of Port Harcourt.

University of Port (Uniport) is a federal university that professes Enlightenment and Self Reliance.

In Uniport you can get as many characters as possible, they display their behaviors with ease.

You can get the calm ones, the noisy ones, you can get the dirty ones as well as the neat ones. with these types of life.

You wonder how they will live after college.
This description is just as many people that you can find in so many other universities in Nigeria as well as the whole world.

University is a small universe.

There are people bearing the influence of different homes and communities that they came from.

These people also accept the influence of the community the university is located in.

It is a two ways interaction, the student exerts their various influence learned from home to the university while the University transfer its influences to the students as well.

So a University is an environment full of data communicating with each other.

 The influence of parents on school and how to be absorbed into school and understand everything that has to do with study while repulsing most of the obvious ill behaviors.

How do students live in the hostel?

Every student that came into a new environment must become some worth uncomfortable, unsatisfied and even afraid.

This happens but after some while, they become acquainted with the changes they find themselves.

So many students live without restrictions, sometimes most of them know what to do but do not how to do it.
In the hostel so many things end up going wrong because of three things, these things are;

Differences in upbringing

There are differences in personalities

Differences in maturity

Differences in upbringing

When it comes to upbringing, different people were brought up under different circumstances, conditions and situations.

Some people were brought up under a social vices prone city, where people hardly differentiate between good and bad.

When you come from these places, how you view public and private properties begin to change gradually.

Sometimes people’s destructive behaviors are attributed to the fact that they view this crime as normal and having no consequences.

dirty lifestyle

People live dirty lives in the hostel, on this note they are not affected by life probably because more than half a percent of people they know to live such lives.

So it becomes something that they are comfortable with.

Many of them see the destruction of public property as normal.

This is as a result of the environment they stayed before.

All this effect does not take time to sink into people’s behaviors.

There are differences in personalities

When it comes to personalities, it doesn’t only concern the environment there is more, that is at stake.

It has to do with the person’s perception of life.

If you check very well, you will understand that different people have different approaches to life circumstances.

On a general note, some people’s personalities depict that public property is as good as useless, so in the cause of destroying it doesn’t affect their conscience on whatever happens.

Some people’s personalities are free and destructive also, being with people of such a lifestyle.

You either become like them or everything they do goes against your belief and it causes an unstable relationship.

Differences in maturity

When it comes to maturity, different people have different maturity levels.

The maturity level does not only imply physical growth or chronological growth.

By maturity, my main concern is mental and psychological growth.

What I am advertising here is that how you process data and how you relate with people on a general note.

When you stay with people that are not mature in the mind you are bound to have certain issues with this kind of person since they don’t read situations and as well as understand moods.

On the general note, these are the kind of people you will meet in the university hostels across the world, not just Nigeria hostels only.


With combinations of these sets of people in the hostel, what kind of environment are we expecting to see in the hostel?

Well, not something perfect if not worst.

In Nigerian public institutions hostels, so many things lack there, so the hostel is not an accommodating place for people to stay.

Since in Nigeria, so many people have adapted to suffering this has become almost nothing to them.

The necessities are not there in the hostel to foster the learning condition for the students.

What are the necessities for learning for people to live comfortably in the hostel?

First one is light:

Students in public universities and even in some private universities suffer from the issue of light in the hostel.

Light makes life to be easier and lively.

People can charge their gadgets.

this is ranging rechargeable lamps, phones, and tablets.

These are part of learning instruments used by the students on their daily bases.

The second one is water:

Now, remember water is available as a result of light.

Since there is rarely light in Nigerian universities, in fact, Nigeria as a country there is rarely water.

This is the reason some universities used the ancient method in giving their students water.

Method of giving water by digging well or using manual borehole.

The consequences unavailability of light and water in the hostels

The unavailability of these natural sources of living incurs great disadvantages to the students of the institutions.

Most students learning process is disturbed because of lack of water and light.

There reading processes is also disturbed.

Finally, their general health is affected.

The health situations of Nigerian universities Hostels.

The general health living of students in Nigerian universities is very low.

As a result of bad usage and overused facilities and equipment and even lack of maintenance.

Before the middle of the semester, there have developed so many health issues.

Most of these issues are triggered by exams and stress also.

Here is the example of what I am saying

Now take a look at the toilet and bathroom of so many universities.

you will be wondering if it is students that are living on these hostels or even animals.



In universities, you will find places that are so dirty.

this is because of rough handling by the students and also bad buildings.

These dirty environments are things that contribute to health issues in Nigeria.

Water provisions in the Nigerians universities.

The water we drink in Nigeria are polluted the sachet water is not treated very well.

So when the water is bad it is deteriorating to the system which is one of the things that causes illness quickly.

The tanks on the campuses have not been washed for a very long time.

They are now producing brown and colored water which contributes to the breakdown of the immune systems.

no drainage system or bad drainage system

There is no better drainage in the school, everywhere in the school and Nigeria as a whole.

you must find clustering of water which has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The room and the entire school are not fumigated and the levels of mosquitoes that are breeding on our blood continuously are just immense.

To overcome these health issues in Nigeria hostels

Note this; it is not only the physical problems like pipe born water, toilet, bathroom, water in the gutter and generally the environment.

There are also psychological problems that can make the body to be sick while in the school environment.

Most of these psychological problems are stress and worry etc.

These things can make our systems to be vulnerable.

to overcome most physical illness

To avoid physical illness, it will be good to fumigate the hostel.

Give all the students nets to use and clean the gutters.

The students should try to drink purified or treated water.

This will enhance the possibility of their entire system to fight germs and health issues.

The students should try sleeping well for at least a complete 8 hours.

This will help them to be at their maximum performance and to recuperate if their body is fighting diseases.

Sleep is good not just for students but for adults also as it helps put the body in order.

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