The six dirty letter word

I never knew what these words were all about until I replayed it over and over again.

It starts when you are young about the age of 3-5years which is called the pre-operational stage which mostly dealt with the visual part of the brain, symbol manipulation and egocentricity was also high.

The journey, I asked myself was it all a lie? I was ready to find out anyways.
Sooner than later, I entered the next phase of the journey. From my 6 years to my 12 years I have developed a little part of my reasoning but I was still self-centered, I also generalize everything I see, this means I couldn’t bring distinctive features of things together.

At the end part of my 11-12years, I started noticing a change, yet no one told me what was happening.

I wallowed in that sphere until the system decided to throw me out of my misery.
Then I entered the next zone from 12-18years.

Here I was told a lot of things which most of them were true while others where false, I was supposed to be deductive at this point but still I was not developed and I was not going anywhere in that enclosure. Then the system hit me out again.

I still had the mindset that things will be better as I got up the ladder but unfortunately, it was not.

I went to the higher level of system which I thought was supposed to be the final place but unfortunately, when I got to know the whole situation it was too late for me, there, I got to know that there was an error in the whole system, implanted by the human mind through their fellow human being.

The supposed final level that I ventured into which I thought was the final stage. The glimpse of it, I couldn’t even see.

That is when I decided that the six dirty letter word is ‘school’.
You really want to know why I said this?, Alright I will explain in detail.
I was promised a job if I did very well in school.

I got there, did extremely well but I was never given anything in return. They say I had to be versatile and that I need extra skills apart from the one I was taught by the school I went to. Then, why educate people, if it won’t be useful on their own?
To me, the word “School” simply means “The six dirty letter word”. Because about 1,000,000 people attend a particular institution and about 1000 get the job in their desired area while 10000 get their job in an unwanted area. The rest members are floating. Meanwhile, the institution did not lose anything because they were paid completely by these students. Can’t these be regarded as gambling?

There are so many departments inside so many faculties but not all of them have their selection of learning experience and also the content from the utility of life. Instead, they will depend on old formulas and other people’s theories to emphasize current issues, of course, it won’t be helpful. some engineer without extra training cannot even lose an engine and couple it back again.

The people who opened a school are the major beneficiaries of that platform called the school.
Sometimes people go to school and serve just the purpose of reading their courses so that they will not fail, most of them never did it for the enjoyment it offers them and outside the courses they were nothing. This is because they shut down every connection with people and spent most of their time with the book they hated so much but cannot actually let go of it because it is like a mark and a race you must finish even if you hate it.
Check many of the people calling themselves professional in a particular area. They never solved the real problem and probably will never solve a particular problem arising in their society. Many of them are just over-glorified while they are actually doing nothing. Mostly in Nigerian education, people are giving courses in place they did not apply for. How do they cope? I know some of these things happen in the outside world also.

When you fail in that area you will be tag as a dumb. The school does not give someone the time to explore other God giving talent.

If you are a first-class student in your discipline you might be restricted from doing other things apart from reading.

That is why giving people courses they do not like is very bad. The kind of curriculum the school should be practicing is “activity curriculum” so the child will be given the opportunity to participate and choose the course to study with proper guardians and counseling that is why Leonardo da Vinci said “just eating contrary to the inclination is injurious to the health, so study without desire spoils the memory and it retains nothing that is taking in” this is what Seymour Paper said “Nothing bothers me more than when people criticize my criticism of school by telling me that school are not places to study mathematic and spelling, they are places where children learn vaguely defined thing called socialization.

I think schools generally do an effective, I and the terribly damaging job of teaching children to be infantile, dependent, intellectually dishonest, passive and disrespectful to their own developmental capacities.
Nobody is a dumb even though he is not doing well in a particular discipline that is why Albert Einstein said: “Everybody is a genius”. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Wendy Priesnitz said “because schools suffocate children’s hunger to learn, learning appears to be difficult and assumes that children must be externally motivated to sit. As a society, she said, we must own up to the damage we do to our children, in our families, and in our school. We must be willing to make the sweeping changes in our institutions, public policies and personal life that are necessary to reverse that harm to our children and to our society”.
According to Albert Einstein, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in the school”
This is my deduction on the matter “school should not become an obligation but assistance to all that wants to be educated or that is already educated”
The question is, should we really stop school?
I cannot directly answer that question but I would allow you to deduce the answer for yourself.
If you know that you cannot replace anything with school, then do not quit. At that point, it becomes your only hope for self-awareness.
Do not go to school to impress anyone. If you are working and you want to be lifted in your career, and you know school can help with that, then go get yourself that promotion.

School actual have more professionals working with them that are inside the working environment, most of them would not have the time to mentor you outside the comfort of their career.

School is also good in the aspect of smoothing the ground for the future knowledge you will acquire.

school is not a total waste, it will be serving as your map for your navigation so that you will have a direction in your movement and it creates a purpose for you.
School is a community of mind where you can meet good people and reputable personnel and even find a life partner. You can also find wrong and bad people in school also.

Being also in that school ground gives you a sense of fulfillment.

How to be enthusiastic about school?
We can be excited about school in the following ways

First, our concept about school has to change. How do you expect someone to go to school with the mindset that school is the source of job, the school contributes to the high rate of job opportunity, not the job itself?
School is what an individual make out of it. If someone comes to school to show his social life and forget about his studies, then he will not make it out there, on the other hand, if he put too much concentration on grade and forget to diversify yourself, then he will go into society with just the paper and it will not be helpful to him also.
School should be view as an interesting ground to explore new knowledge, and to satisfy your curious mind, then obviously school would not be boring as it seems.
School should be involving so many communities like press club, book club, science clubs, arts clubs, and writers and publishers’ clubs, that students and lecturers are to participate in. it will make school be more fun,  and these communities should be fully funded.
School should host social events to help the student push their attention towards other values of life and they should also sponsor talented and hardworking students in a way to encourage them.

In summary, school becomes the six dirty letter words because it mostly gives students pieces of paper without actual skills and those papers can be bought by rich and powerful men and women without actually working for it.
Finally, it is a business to the people that brought the establishment to existence whether cooperate bodies, individual or government.

A personal quote, Just be an educated scholar, not a school man because if you think it through school takes all the glory meanwhile it was your hard, so can we trust school?

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