The perfect ways to deal with bullies1

The perfect ways to deal with bullies1, many students have suffered in the hands of bullies.

The question is, how can we solve this problem in our campus society.

when talking about the perfect ways to punish a bully.

You will notice that you might run out f option. Why is that?

I am sure you want to give a kind of punishment that will reduce the activities of bullies not increases it.

We all know that when you want to punish a student you have to give the student an optimum punishment.

This is because if you give a less or higher punishment you might incite either rebellion or disgust to either other student or even school administration.

In this post, to tackle a bully, there are two ways of doing it.

We have the general aspect of how to tackle a bully as well as the specific aspect of how to also tackle bully.

For a general approach:

when talking about this approach we are talking about being all-inclusive.

It talks about the generality of the institution something that concerns everyone and the laws that everybody must adhere to including bullies themselves.

It mostly talks about the general ways of taking control of bullying situations.

This general aspect of tackling bullies includes,

Using a comprehensive approach which includes;

Providing guidelines for teachers, staff, and students including witnesses.

The guideline gives great insight on what action to take when something happens.

It is rules and regulations and can be regarded as a road map on the things to do and why those things should be done. 

When talking about these rules, we also avail the opportunity for people to know that there are rules that tackle direct and indirect bullying

For indirect bullying.

purposeful social barriers or alienation.

what could be the best way to tackle that?

Now, you can start by introducing educational clubs that make it non-compulsory but necessary for people to work as a team.

The more people work together with the more the gaps between bullies and non-bullies are closed up.

When teaching in the class you can introduce partnership in learning and talk about each other watching their backs.

As a teacher, you should monitor their progress also.

For direct bully involvement.

you can start by thinking of direct punishments.

Know that your punishment must be according to the age of the victim so that it won’t be excess or too small, but must be average or optimum punishment.

Most of this punishment must be agreed upon in Congress and meeting like parent-teachers association and even the regional educational board as well as nationwide.

implementing rules and regulations.

It will be nice if the teachers carrying out the school assignment will carry out their duties smartly.

They could start by having a disciplinary board committee that includes the disciplinary captain, the head of the institution and some capable teachers.

With that said, the teacher is meant to take action or report any situation that has to do with the bully.

This is because these teachers are also invisible members of the committee too.

The committee members should be discipline before others too.

monitoring of processes of bullying

Always use students and other external people to monitor the whole process.

Plant a mole in between the students and also on the campus their should be eyes everywhere on the campus.

These people can be chosen from external bodies or students who are smart enough to handle multiple tasks and can go for espionage without leaking relevant information.

Here is the overview of bullying to understand the primary knowledge

We have another approach called specific ways to tackle the problems of bullies. 

Here is an article that will keep you abreast also

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