The perfect way to deal with bullies2

The perfect way to deal with bullies2 is content that I have seen the effect on many students that have decided to read it.

this is because everything written under this context is what is happening on our campuses today.

last time we talked about the general approach to dealing with bullies which is more inclusive.

Here today we will continue by expatiating the specific approach to dealing with bullies.

This method appeals to the singularity of the people involved in the act.

When talking about the specific aspect of dealing with bullying we are exposing the student’s power which may include victims and witnesses.

general enlightenment and awareness of bully

There should be general enlightenment for students to know the terror of bullying.

In this case, there should be some kind of questions that will come to mind.

These kinds of questions are questions of life and death.

Students want to know what will happen if they report the art of bully, would they be safe?

Questions that they always ask themselves.

You should be able to give them that assurance, that they will be safe.

After telling them that reporting a bully is not a wrong thing, and that, if by chance anything happens to them, that the school authority will take measures.

Then it will serve as a relief and assurance to the people that are willing to report the ill things that bullies have been doing to them in the whole school.

Another question that should cross the administrative minds, should be,

Have they provided a medium for this willing individual to report the act of bullying?

If you know that the victim or witness is likely to report.

It will be worth it for the administration to provide social media platforms with strict rules and regulations that are constantly monitored and a hotline.

The hotline must be active and ready to listen to complaints.

The social media platform must be monitored and controlled by school agents and authorities so that they could attend to any complaints immediately.

like I said earlier, don’t allow students to do anything unsupervised.

They must be monitored at all time and this should remind them that any silly thing they do they will incur punishment.

Planting a mole within the students

When thinking about this method there is a need to plant a mole between the students.

This person must know how to keep secrets and must be intelligent and capable of multitasking him or herself.

Promise him or her something they can not possibly refuse, and that will make them serve the purpose very well.

It will be nice to keep him or her a secret asset from his or her fellow students.

Classroom management:

Bringing in teachers that can manage a whole classroom will go a long way.

These teachers must be expert in curbing bullying situations both inside and outside the classroom.

They must incite respect and authority everywhere they see their students beyond and within the walls of the school or institutions.

Like I also explained, increasing activities in places that are lonely will also reduce the activities of bullies,

check how to do that in part1.

Enlightenment will help solve a lot of problems both in explaining the consequences of bullying and the laws and rules that precede them.

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