fake life, the bane of many students.

fake life, the bane of many students is a story used in demonstrating the rise and fall of every impersonating lives on the campus.

This story focused on fake life as the reason for misfortune.

There was a harvest celebration in one of the churches on the campus.

During that period everyone started gossiping and whispering to themselves before the pastor came in and started with the procession.

As he was talking, a beautiful lady walked in and started crying and confessing.

she was talking of how she will die soon and that she was ready to be baptized again.

The pastor engaged her in a conversation and she started unfolding her event.

You never could have believed what fake life could do.

To explain further without a story I attached an article called pretense

Precious is her name and she was a student on that campus.

She came from a humble home and was quite a smart girl.

When she started her studies she was quite good.

The Story continues

Now, during, before and after her matriculation, she was always dressing sound without exposing any part of her body.

Precious had all her friends fooled, with her fake life, that she was a good person.

Of course, she played the game very well that nobody ever noticed.

She answered questions very well in the class and no one would have suspected she was involved with them.

Precious always hated the inability of her to get what she wanted.

She has denounced her father and mother in a heart for not making her life to be extravagant.

On a certain day, she was approached by a handsome young guy.

Who got to her heads with nice lines and it was not for long they started dating.

But precious told the guy they were going to keep it a secret from everybody if possible from God.

They started dating for some time and she was never satisfied with the relationship.

This was because she wanted someone that will make her life extravagant.

The story continues

Francis who was the boyfriend of precious loved her so much.

Right now Both of them aren’t concentrating on their studies as before.

Precious was an active member of the church and also a choir member in the music group.

But she was also having affairs with the other choir members including the choir coordinator in the church.

Precious was a beautiful soprano singer and with her Light and high pitch voice, she could subdue Satan from hell.

The story continues

It was quite magnificent to watch her sing as it was like a softly flowing stream.

Precious had her clique of friends and they were all gossipers.

They would also talk about the incompetence of the lecturers and fashions of all kinds.

They also talk about people in an open relationship that are flaunting themselves.

But they never knew their friend precious was also one among this set of people in these relationships.

Precious had already slept with his boyfriend Francis and also with other male figures in the choir

But she had fooled everyone around her clique with her innocence.

She made them trust her with there life without ever disbelieving her.

After all, why won’t they, when she looks so innocent?

Whenever she talks to her friends she always warns them never to pay for any course.

she will talk with confidence and demeanor.

The stories heat on

None of them knew she was a green snake lying in the green grass.

That she was sleeping with lecturers to make up her grades and she was lobbying money in order to pay to some lecturers that don’t want her body.

Anytime her friends raise grade issues, she would tell them it was her hard work.

Her friends never knew it was better to compete with themselves than with others.

Just like an athlete, if you compete with others when those people become weaker you automatically become weaker also.

This reduces the training and performance of the athlete competing with one another.

It is better to compete with your self and yourself alone but take examples from others.

If you are a 100m sprinter use stopwatch on yourself to measure your growth.

Don’t use any individual as your scale because they will fade at one point in time.

Precious was never satisfied with the little money she has.

So she secretly approaches a prostitution house and there she was giving condition to have his own personal room where she would pay rent and receive customers.

The story ranges on

She agreed so every night she would lie to her friends that she was traveling meanwhile she was going to her secrete area of work.

She stayed there till the ending of the semester that was when the tragic fate happened.

Precious discovered that she was having severe abdominal pain.

When she went to the hospital she discovered she was in the final stage of the disease.

Aids, fortunately, or unfortunately she never had other severe symptoms apart from the abdominal pain.

Then came the harvest day that she wanted to confess before she died.

The discussion between her and the pastor continued as she was asked by the pastor.

what the problem was then she replied that she has been sleeping with the church members, with the lecturers, with the choir members.

Also, with so many other students that she was of service to in this school and outside the school.

The story continues

As precious was coming from the long hallway of the church there was gossip and whispers.

This is because people have already heard about her condition but could not believe that such a girl with an innocent look can go as far as becoming a thick whore.

After the confession, a senatorial panel was held because her and it never favored her.

Thus she was rusticated whilst she was still in the hospital after the confession.

Precious was put under intensive care because her case was critical and her immune system has already deteriorated that she can not cope with the disease anymore.

So precious died and was buried by her people.

She never got the extravagant life she wanted and she never graduated from the university, in fact, she became an object of ridicule even in death.

Analysis of this story and something to learn from

This story basically talks about living a fake and adulterated life.

Just because you are not satisfied with who you are doesn’t mean you should pretend to be another person who has what you don’t have or become greedy as such just to possess those stuff.

Be who you claim you are on campus and outside the campus don’t deceive others because they will surely find out one day about you.

everything I am trying to expatiate narrows down to pretense.

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