The consequences of depression with college students

The consequences of depression with college students are an article I wrote just to remind students of the kind of scenarios that breed depression as well as suicide.

By the end of this post, I would like to test your memory quotient and how fast you can memorize contents below
Suicide is the second most leading cause of death for people between the age of 15 and 24.

Suicide is an intentional killing of oneself. It could also be viewed as multiple people killing themselves.

Normally there is often a stigma attached to mental illness, including depression and anxiety.

For depression, so many things cause people to be depressed on the campus and outside the campus.

My focus is on campus depression.

Most of these things that cause depression also come to play in our normal society.

Depression is the feeling down of oneself.

It can come at almost any age, and it is a mental and psycho-social illness.

Researchers suspect that so many things come to play when you talk about depression.

Now, this might be true but do you know what I think?

I think, that depression is the failure of our mind to reason lively things and to accommodate fun in our lives.

don’t also forget that it is not because the mind doesn’t want to reason it but because it cannot even if it wanted to.

It comes mainly from the point of view of individuals.

If our mindset believes and lives in the world of depression, then they will be physically depressed, in reality.

I know you want to ask me how?

People live in a world of depression when they refuse to be a receptor of the good part of life.

When all they think is tailored towards depressing ideas, that is the first step of the illness.

The other factors that make people be depressed are:

Abuse and bullying


Death or loss of our dear ones

Genetics and the family you grow up with

The environment

Abuse and bullying:

when you don’t have many friends and you always isolate yourself from everyone.

Then people will always pick on you for their satisfaction, this is called social alienation.

Your posture and gesture make you easy for people to pick on you.

should better stand erect, do not bend because when you stand erect it depicts confidence.

But when you fall to one side or bend it emphasize a lot about you needing assistance to stand on your own.

Depressant drugs:

These are drugs that relax your nervous system and make you function less in your daily activity.

These types of drugs are taken when people want to get away from the major activity on town and campuses, or from people around.

little did they know they are causing havoc to themselves.

The more you take those drugs the more it alters your body chemistry and depression naturally set in.

Death or loss of our dear ones causing depression with college students

Death does not only cause depression on campus but also outside the campus.

This happens because this is a human phenomenon.

But like I said if you want to get depressed over the dead you will definitely get your portion of the depression.

It is not always the loss of the person that usually makes people to be depressed but the loss of the person’s importance and the void the person as created.

The things, they used to do for them, the places they have been together, the fun and all of it.

For you to overcome depression with college students

You could just believe he has gone to a place better off and the void will be filled up.

In that case, you let their soul rest in peace.

Genetics and the family member that we grow up with:

According to researches, genetics is one of the causes of depression.

This doesn’t mean that if a mother is usually depressed that the child must be like that.

The child might find a different approach to life than the way the parents did.

Another thing is the family member.

This is because when you follow a group of people that behave in a certain way you tend to behave like them also.

I have discussed it with so many people on the campus.

The popular question I ask them is

why are you sitting on the other side of social life.

which means why did you decide to be socially alienated?

Their usual response is that I do not know how to fit in and interact with others.

Sometimes they say they were always locked up in their houses and always monitored.

This is usually caused by the type of parenting style giving to them.

it is usually called authoritarian parenting.

Another trending cause of suicide is anxiety.

Anxiety is the unpleasant state of mental uneasiness, nervous apprehension, and obsession or coercion about some uncertainty.

Usually, this is generated from an external force like fear for things unknown or people who expect much from you.

This anxiety can come as a feeling in the sense of the possibility of achieving something.

Then when thinking about the people who expect much from you and you do not impress them, depression also sets in.

Anxiety comes as a result of expectations while depression comes as a result of failure to meet up.


People easily build up anxiety because of the great expectations that have been placed on them.

Some times people enjoy the fact that they are controlling other people’s dreams.

most at times these people go overboard in their control system and make so many things to go wrong.


this comes in place when people are not really expecting anything from you.

This also builds up also when people fail to meet other people’s expectations.

it becomes an embarrassment and a moment that everybody fears to remember.

Now let us go back to the original discussion “Suicide”


Suicide itself is anxiety and depressive emotion causing depression with college students

This concept Suicide, itself is anxiety and depressive emotion becomes overwhelming giving you no opportunity to unshackle yourself from the irrational decision of quick death.

Sometimes it could be lecturer frustrating the life of students by failing them.

Most of this failure is a result of refusal to give them money or sex, and this might end up causing the student to be depressed thereby resulting in suicide.

Shame also brings the thought of suicide causing depression with college students

sometimes when you have done what you feel you cannot live with it again.

Then, you want to end your life fast because of shame.

This might be as a result of cyberbullying or getting pregnant for a boy.

And, you are afraid of people finding out all these things.

How to recognize depress people, depression with college students.

They are always spacing out.

Depress people are always frustrated

They are always feeling worse than everybody

Depress people are always weighed down

They are always suppressed by others

How do we take care of people who want to commit suicide?

depression with college students

First, we should be observant of our conversation with our friends, their gesturing and keywords.

When observed any change we should be able to motivate them.

We shouldn’t force children to do what they don’t want.

This relates to the lecturer threatening to fail a student if they refuse to have sex or pay money to him.

The psychologist and guidance and counselor on the campus are meant to have a group of active member selection in the four walls of the school.

CCTV cameras to monitor students and engage them.

This is because if you don’t engage with a student you won’t know how they are feeling.

Also, You won’t know how to motivate them if they are depressed.

There should also, be a social media group and pages which will motivate people and shun any suicidal thoughts.

Parents should be democratic in training their children to allow them to have input in the rules and regulations that they are making.

So they will be confident with themselves when they are no longer with their parents.

There should be gathering events once in a while to lift the depressed students up and divert their minds from stress and problems.

The lecturers should encourage the student to be open-minded which is why there should be counselors and psychologists.

Students should  Occupy their minds with inspirations and see the world as a place for discoveries.

Just so you know, there is still much to learn in this life so suicide is not an option.

Quote: never think suicide will end your misery, defeat your problem and you will feel more relieved than ever.

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