The story of Kenzo about the un-channeled light

The story of Kenzo about the un-channeled light, cited by me was a particular story to demonstrate and prove a point.

This is to create the impression that most people are wasting their talent and that countries have failed to utilize these talents of others.

In the country where I come from things is not that good.

The rich are getting richer the poor are gettingmore  poor.

We do not know how to utilize the light in other.

That right, we don’t channel light we only destroy the fragment of the light that we see

Let me teach you guys something through this story, it will be a great lesson for all.

On Kenzo’s seventh birthday, he has already known how to dribble with basketball, which is sometimes rare.

Kenzo has always been a lover of basketball.

He goes to his friend’s house, James to watch his best player Michael Jordan play on the court.

He so much enjoys the game that before his seventh birthday he has already joined a team,

First a small team before moving to grown-up teams later.

Kenzo’s team was not good enough but he tries his possible best in all his games.

Soon after the nursery section of Kenzo’s life, he moved on to the high school part of his life.

At some point Kenzo found himself asking questions like,  can I really play this game?

Kenzo started doubting everything.

He often asks himself this question, can anything good come out of this country?

At least he has seen almost all the facilities used for basketball and the kind of training they give people here

These were not looking like what will make an impact on people’s lives.

He thought of all these things each time he plays the game that he often loses concentration while playing.

There are good players like Kenzo, each of them has their specialty but Kenzo literarily does almost any of the skills they play.

He was multi-talented.

He knows how to dunk, make a shot from the three-point line and knows different types of passes and especially how to dribble.

Kenzo is like a monster when it comes to his games.

This is because he has enough energy to push on and also energy reserve, he learns a skill faster than anyone also.

When you start doubting everything, kenzo

Kenzo has started doubting himself that he cannot compete on the international level.

James Oliver,  an American basketball coach heard about a particular country in West Africa that has a collection of nice players.

He saw them as dirty gold that needs to be refined.

When he came to Nigeria to scout people into the American college basketball, he lodges a hotel and then made inquiries.

Then he heard of basketball clubs that are used mostly for training young stars.

He came to the places with as a spectator and watch them closely for one month and then decided to make his move.

On that Friday night after the game, he approached three players,  Justice, Vincent and Kenzo.

Kenzo saw no need to leave his country though he has already started losing hope on basketball this is because of the poor facilities available in the country for training.

He said basketball will just be a boring sport after all.

Kenzo thought to himself if he should give it a try, so he agrees to join them. This was happening after high school.

The journey to America, kenzo

The coach brought them to America and made their scholarship available in order for them to stay in the country to study and at the same time play for the American college.

Kenzo and the three colleagues started playing for the American college.

They were later introduced to their sports community it was something blissful.

It is much different from the one we have seen to date, they said to themselves.

They were welcome in the community of sports and was treated with love.

The school’s learning environment was nice and conducive.

Everything was available for them, they have the best lecturer to attend to all their needs and they have different psychologists to take care of them.

Also, instructional materials of a different variety to expatiate their lessons very well.

Practical was a solid means of studies, they even have the cyber world for more efficiency, unlike Kenzo’s country.

Adapting to the New environment by Kenzo

After 3 months Kenzo and his colleague have already started training with their new teammate.

The very first time they took part in their group training they were different from others.

Due to the hard training, they have endured in their country, Nigeria.

They manage both their sports life and their academic life very well.

After their rigorous training of which was not that hard because they have witnessed the worst in their country.

They improved with the help of proper diet and facilities and equipment at their disposal.

They started featuring them in real games.

In due time, as they were training each of the Nigerian that was brought to America started to discover a unique skill that is at there disposal.

Kenzo discovers that he can maximize enough oxygen this made him the fastest in dribbling and making and in making shots.

Justice discovered he can make use of the airwalk, which makes it possible to do the advance dunking.

Meanwhile,e Vincent discovered he can give an untraceable pass and also coordinate the spirit of the teammate.

Generally, All of them were good at defense.

The Training Finally paid off said kenzo

They were the latest rookies and they made their fame as quickly as possible.

The three rookies led their team to victories on many competitions both internal and external, especially with the schools they were on par with them.

With the help of the rookies and general teamwork, their school won on their games, all sides.

When Kenzo was with the gold medal with his teams and people he loves so much, he thought to himself how far he has gone.

He remembered how he was treated with contempt and how he was looked at as a dream killer.

Kenzo played for the team till he graduated and was recruited to Golden state warrior where he was mentored by Michael Jordan, who has retired.

This is because Michael Jordan has seen his hard work, so he decided to train him.

Kenzo became a world-class player which would not have happened in Nigeria except if things were to changes.


This story points to a group of basketball players that were not getting enough in their country.

They had the light but it was almost extinguished.

There was no encouragement for them, no facilities and equipment and no experts to teach them.

They were left all alone just to lose their talent. This is what is happening in many countries especially Nigeria.

Nigerian guys might look dumb whilst they are in their country but once they leave they become the best.

Talk about our academic sector, it is the same thing.

A Nigerian person that is failing in a Nigerian school will go to an international school and become the best.

This happens usually because the environment will learn, and the nature of teaching is poor.

So our level of poor performance when brought into high performance and the conducive environment will be utilized very well.

What does Nigeria need to keep their athlete?

How can they make them world-class?

Nigeria’s environment is very harsh which is good in building endurance in athletes.

if Nigeria could facilitate the harsh environment with equipment and facilities, they can produce competent athletes.

It will also enhance training and learning, which will be more useful than any other thing.

Nigerians need experts in different sports faculties in order to supervise the athletes very well.

A coach can not do all the work, it should be diversified.

Nigeria should acknowledge talents and work on them.

Offer them what they need for you to keep them, not choosing athletes through tribalism and nepotism.

Nigeria should stop politics on sporting activities.

We have so many good athletes and people that participate in field events but Nigeria is not sponsoring any of them.

How then can they become world-class?


This is a general disease in Nigeria people go into different things whether music or sports because others have made it there.

They put money as their first priority and when they finally make the money they lose interest totally.

It is very rare for you to see a Nigerian person do something because he loves it.

All they want is how to make money.

That mentality should be changed.

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Thank you.

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