I was beginning to see the reason with them. Almost everywhere I go people are talking about school being a scam. Are they right? We are going to find out.

People go to school without knowing if they will get a job.  People who did not go to school have the right to sack or remove others who spent more than five years to go to school. School is the only thing left while nothing else is there to do.

Student go to school just to come back and depend on the street and family for survival then I ask why do we uphold school. From statistic thousand has gone to school just to come back and end up useless in society. Instead of school to build your moral, they instead add to your moral decadence.

Doctors study for six years and after house-manship, most of them are still busy forgetting surgical apparatus inside their patient’s body after surgery. The engineers are busy studying theory without practical.

The accountants are busy adding numbers without knowing the real working environment. People that are not accountant, in particular, are working in the bank, despite having no knowledge or what so ever. This is the Nigerian education system.

I am not entirely saying that school is deceit formulated by people just to make gain after all if it were so you would not have tried any means both positive and negative to pass the exams.

Why do you think people want to pass exams by all means yet considers the school as just a waste of time? Listen very carefully then.

After his external exams, Tim was about entering a federal university, it was exciting. I struggled hard to be there, not just for my parents but for my self also, said Tim. When I finally got in, I started seeing a lot of guys misbehaving. I thought to myself this is not supposed to be happening. I made a friend whose name was Shane, She was a very charming young lady. On one occasion I was discussing with Shane she narrated how she loved school in the past but now things seem to have turned for worst. Tim asked why she said so, she continued by saying you go to school and waste your years that you would have otherwise used to create a chance for yourself. While you are going to school, your job is not guaranteed as you graduate, that is if the government is so messed up like ours. She continued by saying parents push their children to do a course their children hate all for the sake of the profession. She was very disappointed with the school.
She continued by saying people here learn things, without learning the underlying concept. All they do is memorize the whole thing without knowing the meaning.

I was reading in the library one of the days and when I finished I went out into the corridor said Tim, there I  saw another pretty face. Her name was Lauren after a while of a discussion I notice what Shane was saying was the same thing that Lauren was also saying. Studying without really knowing what Awaits us outside. Sometimes we come out of school without really knowing our field very well. Tim saw that a lot of people were frustrated with school but never wanted to stop it altogether and seek for what they loved outside the school environment.
I never gave up this investigation this is because I was very glad when I was offered admission said Tim, I  talked to myself and I  said that I will discover why people want to pass a course by every means possible yet hates school entirely.

Tim discovered that most people are eager to pass their course than fail them because they want to finish what they have started.

He also found out that most people just want to acquire the certificate for decoration or as a property.

Most people also want to fulfill the mission of the one that sent them and not to bring shame to them and waste the money they put on them for that assignment which is school.

Over a year, Tim has met a lot of friend and colleague that has told him their reason why they don’t really like school but can’t risk stopping halfway.
Tim discovered that what most of the people were saying was correct but under a certain condition.

That is when he concluded that it was the Nigerian education system that was a scam, not every education system in the world. By this, he included any school out there that are in the same condition with that of Nigeria is the one that will be classified on that basis of being a scam.

Tim organized a meet with Shane and Lauren when they showed up, he told them what he observed from the whole thing. He said,
School is not really a scam, it is Nigeria system that has made it so. We study in school without job availability when we come out.

Parents are the ones dictating what to be studied instead of children discovering what they love on their own.

There are hardly any practical means to what we studying. All we do is carry a bunch of theory and learn them as if our lives depend on them.

Every job opportunities start with the qualification of West African examination council qualification (WAEC) at least in Africa. So if you don’t attend a school how will you cope with the rapid development in the world now.

School sharpens our senses and allows us to make connections appropriately you cannot achieve that at home.

School is a ground that advances our disciplines so that will can adapt to the fast-moving technological advancement in the outside world.

The school has its own advantages and disadvantages just like any other institution in life.

Therefore, Tim concluded that school is not really a scam, that it can only be a scam Depending on the individuals and the system that is running it. School, after all, contribute to the development of different brain faculties.
Deep down you will go any length just to pass the exam for your own pride and future this is because somewhere deep down you believe it is not a scam, am I right?. Thanks, guys.

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