Sleep deprivation ��
This is the leading cause of snoring.
Have you ever snored before in the class? Oh my gosh, it is embarrassing to do that, it is shameful.
Do u want to stop snoring?

One of the days I was reading I witnessed a beautiful lady, snoring.
snoring don’t respect anybody not even the president of a country.
Snoring is caused by blockage of the airway in the throat. So many diverse things lead to snoring but the focus of today is sleep deprivation.
How to identify people that snore?
You cannot really tell from the outside if someone has a snoring habit or not, except the person is your partner but as a student, if you have been close to them during night class by 12-3am during the hour of sleep there are little things you will notice. that is why it is not good to live fake life on campus or live a pretentious life

These are the few things that you will notice, you will decide on how to manage them. Snoring people,
Talk’s inside mostly
They are usually obese
They mostly smoke and drink
They are stress most of the time
Their tongue is usually wide and dense that they can easily block the airways if they lie in a supine position.

Ways to manage to snore, for campus students.
First, weight management is critical in other to manage, snoring. This can be achieved through physical fitness session.

The first thing is that you shouldn’t sleep with your back as it causes the tongue to fall back in the throat, causing obstruction of air. You shouldn’t do that because I know you wouldn’t want to be producing frog-like noise.
The best sleeping position is the one you do by sleeping with the side of your body with your legs bent and you can use a pillow to support your leg also.

Nasal congestion causes snoring. One of the causes of nasal congestion is malaria, and malaria is caused by mosquitoes. Have you ever wondered how many campuses are fumigated? The truth of the matters is, campuses owned mostly by the government are not usually taken care of. To avoid mosquitoes you can start by buying long stockings, and mosquito sprays in your hostels if possible you can use a mosquito net. You can actually get yourself nasal strip and nasal dilators they are basically small in nature, one is used in the dorsum of the nose and the other is used inside the nostril to open the airways.

The use of olive oil can help a lot as one spoon of olive oil before sleeping can reduce the vibration and relax muscles of the throat. It also tightens the muscles under the soft Pilate, to keep the respiratory tract open thereby reducing the tendency of snoring. all you need is olive oil, and it will do the rest for you.

Snoring has declared war on our youths and adults. The percentage of male to female that snores is 60-40%. And this has caused the students to be sleep deprived than other school stress.  When this happens our productivity as students reduce and performance becomes extremely low.

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