Introduction to the seven ways to talk to a girl on campus

Seven ways to talk to girls on campus is an interesting article that I have developed and I think it is going to help college students a lot in their communication skills.

I am recognizing most of my trusted source of information, they are an added knowledge to my writing

93 % of guys these days do not know how to bring a girl to an agreement neither do they know how to command the conversation that is going on with both parties.

I will teach you so you might not make a fool out of yourself again with college girls.

You might consider some college girls aggressive, Insulting and even incomprehensive.

Oh!! Yes, they are all of these things, which are why you do not get in their way rather you flow with the ocean.

some locations where it is possible to talk to girls on campus

There are different locations with different pickup languages.

When looking at these locations most of them put the girl in a hurry like when they are moving in haste or going somewhere or probably when they are in a group.

In that case, you can’t just expect yourself to break into their defense and say something and expect someone to laugh out loud.

How about when the person walking in a haste is with an earphone it signifies that it is not the moment of talking.

All these things should be taking into consideration when you want to approach a lady.

Some people said it is better to learn things about her before talking to her but even while learning things from her you must pass through the process of conversation.

Approaches to take when talking to girls on campus

Most girls have their different approaches and weak points.

there are girls that you have been monitoring and looking forward to talking to them but, you want to get enough data about them first.

There are girls that you see for the first time and want to talk to them and befriend them as soon as possible, these people have their various ways approach.

complement based on her dressing when talking o her on campus

The first one on my list is to compliment her dressing or the tone of her skin with the feeling of the weather.

This particular technique looks old and might be familiar and looks like it won’t work anymore.

I can assure you that it still works because the girls of old have not grown much since then till now.

Even today those lines can still start great conversations

Sam always had a major challenge of communicating with ladies on a general note.

He graduated from school without knowing how to ask a girl out.

He became a teacher and in his new school there was a beautiful lady that caught his interest he never wanted to embarrassed himself but he was tortured by her beauty and charisma and her angelic smile.

So one of the days he was listening to the radio he heard something that will remain a life-changing story so he practiced what he has learned and subdued the girl later on.

Example of compliment is this👇

You saw a beautiful lady in an eatery and you want to talk to her.

You can start by making a soft joke by saying I dreamt that I will be seeing a pretty lady today that is wearing pretty linen that has the color of the mid-day sun, you are pretty.

 Complement based on general appearance when talking to her on campus 

Talking to random girls is difficult, as sometimes you don’t even know where to start from.

You can start a conversation smoothly with a random girl with just a mild compliment.

Pay action to little details, whether her watch or her earrings or any other materials that she is holding.

With just that, you can zoom off a conversation from there.

Go with a simple funny joke

Have you ever heard that a simple funny joke can make an angry lady or even an over serious one to be receptive to the conversation?

I have often asked ladies what they like about funny and jovial guys?

The obvious reply that I have always received from them was that you can never be bored around these guys.

Obvious money makes little conversations to happen, but it is the personal communication skills that promote conversation more.

The use of talents as a form of conversation

You should have something special that you want her to know about you?

when talking to girls on campus know what you can do.

Can you dance, a musically inclined person, or even a writer and blogger?

You can communicate with her by showing her these extraordinary talents and explode her thought about you.

you should make people always tie your name to one of your talents and it will be easy to remember you for that.

Telling Stories And Telling Of Fact Both On Sciences Discoveries And Any Other Life Fact

Yes, most girls are learned and love to learn continuously.

Ladies are never tired to hear great stories and facts that are happening across the world.

If you want to catch the attention of most of the girls in the line of study or girls that are scholars you have to be learned yourself.

Your knowledge should be endless.

You have to continuously intrigue her interest with the latest facts and books and world facts.

In case you saw these set of girls in the bar, they might be scrolling their phone or checking their Facebook for the latest.

do you know that all you need to do start a great conversation with her is to explore and explode your knowledge with her?

you don’t necessarily need to brag but be as genuine and sincere as water.

when talking to girls on campus don’t brag.

Know The Trending Stuff From The  Like Of Celebrity, Fashion, And Lifestyle When Talking On Campus

Some girls are interested in these topics mentioned above and their depths to these topics are endless.

If you are also a lover of these topics mentioned above it will be a great opportunity to catch and meet up with your kind.

In this case, you might always see these kinds of girls with earphones, ear pods, headset.

These girls are scanning one latest celebrity trend or the other.

Please don’t miss interpret the FIFTH HEADLINE with the SIX HEADLINE. They are different things altogether.

The fifth one talks about the fact,  whether science fact or world discoveries or even the historical.

Things that are bestowed to us by our great historian while the sixth is talking about celebrity and lifestyle and fashions.

These are for girls that love fun majorly not for the scholarly ones in the case when talking to girls on campus.

These trending stuff can spark conversation, visit to see more topics that do spark conversation

The Need To Know The Psychology Of Love Stories With Most Of The Proportion Being Happy Ending

Most girls want to hear love stories from you.

having a conversation with a lady on campus can be intriguing also if you have the understanding

Some of them are quite interested and want to put themselves in the position of the person you are telling them about.

Sometimes when you tell them the sad ones they want to make sure to change such occurrence.

This is because they want to avoid being in such situations as the girl in the story.

These kinds of girls are usually emotional and most of them might not be confident with themselves.

These types of girls usually have leagues of companions and advisers.

you should go with mind-blowing relationship stories and put it to her that she can be the girl in the picture.

There are several other ways to talk to girls on campus, either startup conversations or a continuous conversation.

For you to champion these things you must have values first and then be good at mind games.

Become the pilot or you cannot even make the conversation worthwhile.

Don’t be threatened by good looks or even status on the campus, meet them and be expressive.

When talking to girls on campus, don’t be afraid of looks.

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