Rules on how to live with people in the hostel occurred to me as I was analyzing the various complaints I got from students on how they cant live no more with there roommate.


Everybody in this world is allowed to operate within a given space whether they see it or not.

If they respect the law of that space they respect the law of that space they shouldn’t have a problem.

What caused this space to be created

This space is created through natural world order (nature). It is not be exerted with external influences.

Why is this space created?

Human being has a natural tendency to make a problem for themselves.

This space was here since the entrance of man to guide to peace.

The rules of the unseen space

Many laws need to be respected to preserve peace.

it is what guides most of our decision to peace and naturally co-ordinates us

In the hostel, there are different personalities and these people are meant to operate in a giving space but not all of them realize what must be done.

So, in this case, they become an environmental hazard for others.

Rule 1

Doing to others what you will want them to do to you.

In the hostel, a lot of people do to others what they wouldn’t want others to do to them.


Knowing your place in people’s life.

Don’t cross the boundary you aren’t meant to cross in people’s life.

This is the ultimate rule of life.

The more you know about your place, and you are worth in people’s lives then you can determine what parts of their life they permit you inside.


Know yourself.

Someone needs to know themselves as this is always the major cause of discord.

Know what makes you angry as well as happy.

This rule is very important for those that do not understand their personality and character too well.

Going into an unknown environment without knowing yourself always leads to quarrel with you and others.

Rule 4

Talk less if whether you have anger issues or not.

This comes in two dimensions if you talk too many people will get bored of you in time.

So if you must talk contribute something valuable and rare.

The other one is while you play the game of salient you will avoid angering yourself or others around you also.

Rule 5

Explanation for understanding

Don’t expect everyone to understand you very well, first understand yourself.

Explain your kind of life and person to your friends as well as enemies, for them to understand you.

Don’t expect people to know something without someone telling them. Nobody is all-knowing.

Rule 6

Remember people will always make mistakes, it is natural for people to make mistakes.

Nobody loves mistake but we have to live in our world of imperfection.

Just because you are doing it better doesn’t mean others should catch up instantly like you.

That is why it is good to be patients in life no matter anything.

Forgive people when they make a mistake because everybody makes a mistake at one point in their lives.

Rule 7

Put yourself in others’ shoes, have you ever put yourself in the position of others?

It is necessary to think that way, on different occasions.

When you put yourself in other people’s shoe then you will understand them better and why they did what they did.

Rule 8

Be observant where ever you are, if you do, you will notice minor details that would have led to the problem if not seen or taken into consideration.

Being observant depicts being conscious of all that is happening in your environment.

The people around you and as well as the different events that took place and what is the leading cause of those events.

How to know when you leave your space

People live in and constrain space like water in nylon; they are confined to that particular sphere which is best for maximality.

Space holds power for each people living there; it is like living in a domain or territory.

If you slip off in the space you are operating on, someone will be hurt as a result of that action.

When you hurt others then know that you are not obeying these laws.

By so doing you have left your space seeking more territory which will technically lead to war and pains in that era.

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