Don’t implicate yourself because of peer pressures

Annie was her name. She was a student in one of the universities in Nigeria. The school was not all that structured but was full of fun, lifestyles, and fashion. The students in the federal university have a class distinction. There are those that are of a higher class, those that are of middle class and those that are of low class.

The high-class folks in the university are identified by the way they spend their money and also their fashion level. They are also recognized by the personalities they follow. The middle-class folks are the normal entity they are neither high class nor low class they neither Dress big nor Dress low, they neither follow higher personalities nor those that are extremely low. This group is also referred to as average. Then the last group of people is low class. This group of people barely have to stand in the university. They follow specific kinds of people and complain about everything not going well.

The high-class students come from a high-class socio-economic background, their parents are either politicians or highly influential folks in the community. Middle-class people, their parents have little to no influence on the society they are just rich to take care of their problems and they don’t have too much to spare for others. Then the low-class aren’t influential in society and are not very rich.

They only have what they and their family will eat, sometimes they may not even have anything to eat. They borrow to solve high-intensive problems. This is the kind of social classes in the federal universities, of course, this is a natural thing everywhere.

There are different people when it comes to the reason for being in school. There are those who came to learn and they focused and achieved their goal in a platter of gold.

There are those also, who came to learn but could not achieve a first-class but drifted to second class upper while there are those that came to learn but lost focus as a result frustration of not getting the output of the what they  are putting in, they saw it as no need at all for hard work, when their hard work isn’t paying. Then there are those that came not to learn but do other things that are different from learning. Some are for lifestyle and socialization etc.

Annie was a student of middle-class that came to learn. Along her first year and second year, she was doing well and the lecturers know her.

Annie was getting tired of not reaching where she wants to even if She was meant to be a  first-class student but after her input and hard work, she still saw her self battling to remain in the second-class upper.

It was serious to her and at the same time tormenting.  Annie had friends, they are a group of three girls, Mira, Florence, and Bella. They are a group of girls who have solely decided not to stress themselves like every other people but still believes that they will graduate with a better result. It was working out and that depreciated the level of seriousness Annie had.

The group of a friend always boast of their laziness and how hard work is nothing compared to the methods they were using. They were doing better than others and have the time to spend with their boyfriends. They sleepover and get money in return.

Annie kept doubting the power of persistence and consistency. One day the result was posted as usual and all the friends got an excellent result while she got it fair result. She was emotionally broken, she wept her eyes out. She made up her mind to ask questions on how they are making it good grades even with their unseriousness.

They are associating with men of personality, they said, and lecturers tend to fear them and wouldn’t mess with them.

It is as if they could blackmail them if they were to do anything silly. There, I made my decision.

I want to tag along, I want to be powerful. They retrained Annie of all her good virtues and install all the negative values.

she said gave her self a quest and said with authority, I didn’t just decide to turn this way, she said, but the world made me.

Annie went all-out both on sleeping with guys and with her lecturers, and she championed the game very well. Her grade went up as well.

Annie’s father was a church elder who was just an average person in society. He was not all that rich but could totally sacrifice anything and everything for her only daughter Annie.

Annie’s mother died during the delivery of Annie. She was also quite a strong loving woman. She had a tough time before she gave birth to Annie but even when she delivered she was happy to see her daughter healthy, she gave her the name Annie before dying. Even after her death, Annie’s father made sure that she was loved and cared for.

So in the cause of being like others, Annie gave up on the part of being a good and cheerful girl that she once was. Her father never noticed this change because his daughter doesn’t come homes often.

Annie always dreamt of having the kind of lifestyles that are extravagant like that of her friends. So when things weren’t moving well as she had anticipated, she decided to leave the part that she was treading before.

Annie always worries about what people think about her and she wanted to be with the moving train.

On her third year prior to the killing of Mira by the rival cult, contracting of aids by Bella and the rustication of Florence, Annie got pregnant for his boyfriend, so in order to hide the fact, she tried removing baby through the use of drugs and quack doctor, she died.

Annie died because of loss of blood and the news of her pregnancy was leaked by James who was his former boyfriend. This is because Annie insulted him some time ago, so it was payback time.

The father was contacted through the school authority by the hospital, he went and saw her lovely daughter, dead and cold.

He was defeated and confused. He wept and went ahead to bury her.

That became the talk of the month for both the school and the community where she came from.

Not long ago Annie’s father committed suicide because he couldn’t bear the whole pain and shame, what a great tragedy.

What are the consequences of peer influence
They make you bend to their will sometimes it may be positive or negative just like Annie.

They will end up giving you the life you desire with a price to pay.

They might put you in serious trouble that may get you rusticated and imprisoned.

They might destroy you and your family and all you’ve worked hard for.

They will cause you to be useless in the long run.

You will always operate on their ideas instead of your own and the losses will be upon you.

How to  overcome the peer group influence
It is always good to be true to yourself don’t let others decide your life for you.

Don’t be too enticed by what others do, if not, you will like to be like them.

Always know your root and the people that are hoping for your greatness, they should be your motivation.

Remain confident and patient, all things will work out for your good.

Always acknowledge that you don’t have everything and that with time, you will have as many as possible, that is the only reason that will make you not get ahead of yourself.

Don’t try to impress others, try living like yourself do things that will make you happy, that is self-love.

Finally, if most of this lifestyle is curtailed, most of these things will not happen. They won’t be ruining more life.
Anything that is earned by a student should be given to them. There is no need to frustrate the life of a student.

Lecturers should be true to their profession and maintain all the working ethics.

Remember most of these students are like children to you.

At the long run, it is easier to be yourself than to live the life of others.
Thank you.

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