Married in school but singles at home part 2

Married in school but singles at home part 2, the idea came to me when I wanted to add clearer insight on single itself.

In the month of March 2016, I heard a message from one of the greatest minds.

This is what he said,  “I ran away because I couldn’t grab the essence of playing the role of a husband at a young age in my life”.

He said a story about the deviance of marriage that was rationalizing the natural order and neglecting the most important part about living a life of peace.

Do you know that over 89% of people staying on campus are married?

At the same 89% are single? It marveled me and yet made me think about it.

The message he said was life guidance to what is happening on our campus.

I have thought about this occasionally and even now, it still marvels me?

In the message, he spoke about a particular lady as a reference point to his teaching.

going deep into the campus story

Angela was her name and she was dating a young man named James.

James was a handsome man, no doubt about it but James was not interested in Angela but just wanted to use her and get on with his life.

Angela knew this of course but still hung on to the relationship playing the role of housewife.

James and Angela graduated and went their separate ways it always ends in tears said the great mind.

Angela traveled home like it never happens while still dating they pretended like they never existed to each other during holidays, deceiving their parents.

While doing this, many parents never knew what is going on with their children.

this is because they live a normal life at home.

they can even argue that they cannot hurt a fly but don’t you dare swear for them except you plan to die.

In the following years, Angela has to marry a friend of James that has been away for a while.

According to everyone, this guy wanted a clean plate that has no record of “marriage in the school” of course their parents not knowing accepted to the terms and conditions.

Marriage must take place, said their parents, on the day of marriage the pastors asked if anyone was in disagreement with the marriage and a young man step out, to everyone’s greatest surprise it was James.

Yes!!!!!! said James, the pastor shouted what is it, boy!!, he said I know Calistus and I know Angela, I disagree with this marriage.

conclusion of the campus story

The pastor said, what is your reason young man, he said I Have lived with this young lady for over 2 and half years while on campus, she has aborted three babies, she is not the right person for my friend, Calistus.

The family of the young girl wept in embarrassment and became the object of gossip from then onward.

Single at home, what a deceitful way to live a life and deceive the very ones that trust’s you.

I wept in my soul while hearing this message

Is it the best way to live a life?

89% of the student in this life, is living a wrecking ball life that has no meaning.

Analysis of the above

According to the message, two and half years of enjoyment took everything from Angela, what about you today.

Should anyone be interested in you, they must know your parents.

There is no need to keep playing the role of a housewife when your parents don’t even know you are dating and having sex with such a person.

Many ladies go home and live a life of a saint confusing their parents from knowing the true purpose of their life.

Meanwhile, she is staying in school with a man.

Some parents can swear for the sake of their children.

To the parents of the child, the child has not seen a man before in their life meanwhile they have done worse than anything they could imagine.

If you want to be single remain truly single and don’t deceive others as you have nothing to gain except regret.

you can truly be single if you want to be single, but you shouldn’t judge anyone by their past also.

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larn the value of a marriage-minded person when you are ready.

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My Warm regard to the hard-working students out there, keep it up, one day you will reap joy and happiness.

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