Life as a cultist is a story carved out in other to explain the injury that cultism has cultist humanity.

Justin and Michael were the two wrong choices, people could make when trying to put confusion between brothers.

They are twins and at the same best friend right from home. They spent almost 24 hours together. They play pranks on people.

Life as a cultist has been introduced to illuminate cultism, something you should avoid. It is a story type with the actions of cultism and there ends.

On that special month when the list of admission was uploaded by their native university in the nation.

Their name was there. This was the happiest moment in their lives.

Their father was a civil servant while their mother was a retailer of small homemade products. They never had it all but we’re determined to help their children to be like others.
The home of Justin and Michael was two communities away from the federal university they planned on the going, they never knew the life of cultist over there.

They entered university the next month and was very happy. This university is one of the oldest university in the country which has produced people of great personalities. These people were the inspiration for Justin and Michael.

As they started their journey as students everyone was doing well, they started mixing up and having peers. They have a great many friends ranging from good people to bad, most of them were living the lives of cultists.

Justin was studying political and administrative studies under the faculty of sociology and Michael was studying civil engineering under the faculty of engineering.

Justin has a personality that attracts people around him. He is a good orator and motivator, he is a sanguine while Michael has the personality of putting his dream forward and trying to achieve it, he is a choleric and they have strong ambition.

Michael doesn’t really have the fluency in speech but was brilliant enough to make people admire him and almost worship him.
It was not too long before Justin was recruited through peer group influence to join one of the cult group, buccaneers meanwhile, Michael was unaware of it and they continue to flow like it was nothing.

Justin joined the Buccaneers through peer group influence and started making political movements, living the life of a cultist. He started having more influence as the latest recruit on campus.

This was a reality in the sense that as a new recruit the new members are always too confident, they went as far as championing crimes happening all around the campus.

One day, Michael was coming back from a night class and he mistakenly saw a group of cultist initiating their new recruit into the the of a cultist. He was called upon and everything he had on him was taken and he was seriously beating for seeing what he was not meant to see.

That night he passed through excruciating pain in his life that he has never passed before.

He decided to pretend that nothing has happened, then not long ago Justin went on a mission and killed one of the black axe members and the black axe group started looking for him on campus but could not see him so they went to his house.

When they got there they did not see him also, so they decided to pass a message by killing his mother, living a life of a cultist have started becoming complicated.

After the killing of Justin’s mother, Justin disappeared for a couple of days before he was seen around.

After the mourning of his mother. Michael decided to change for the worst. He hated his brother for joining a dangerous group of nuisances and living the life of a cultist but never wanted to speak up because of his boundless love.

Before all this incidence Michael has always been lost in the world of thought. He will always tell himself that my brother cannot be involved in all this fight going on, on campus.

This fight has been going on for a month before the shooting of their mother. It was not also long ago before Michael found a gun among his brother’s belonging then he concluded that his brother was not ordinary.

He started seeing brutal faces that his brother treads with and the kind of place he was found in, then he concluded he was a cultist, living the life of a cultist.

After the mourning of their mother, Michael approached the Vikings, he loved the way they are structured and he believed they could help him fulfill his revenge.

He was full of bitterness and approach the leader DeLauro he was fearless and had led so many successful expeditions. He has not failed at all, that is why after learning about them he decided to join them.

His real mission is to bring vengeance upon the people that have messed his life up and this could be no other than the Buccaneers. At that point, the Buccaneers had an unfinished fight with the Vikings.

What could be the cause of their war? The Buccaneer is already dominating the campus very well and had the upper hands on the fight.

There was going to be political movement so each rivals cult wants to increase their chances of being chosen as a shadow for politics.

Not also withstand the secondary reason was because of the death of their member caused by the Buccaneer in a night club at the beginning in of the semester.

After a month during the inception of the two brothers on the campus, Justin was the kind of personalities that the Buccaneers needed in their clique so they try so much to get him but he wards them off.

They induced him by threatening to kill his brother and as well as frustrates his life.

After a great thought he decided to join up with them, after all, he thought to himself he could gain the respect and reverence he needed and he could also protect his brother. In doing this he decided to keep it from his brother Michael.

Until when he discovered he has been betrayed by his comrade was when his brother was almost got killed as he mistakenly passed through the initiation night of buccaneers.

He was then told that it was Vikings that beats up his brother meanwhile it was the Buccaneers.

His brother Michael has decided to sell his soul to the Vikings in exchange for them to give him what he wants after all he is of the choleric temperament anything he decided upon he will make sure it was accomplished.

The blood nights, was the night between the Vikings and the Buccaneers. It was decided independently that they will attack each other’s holy ground.

So when they did, so many died then the survivors of each party hung the head of their opponents on the school gate and in the hostel.

After the first night, the two brothers went independently to fortify themselves, but the native doctor knew something but was never wanted them to know.

The next night which marks the climax of the fight. The Buccaneers fought harder just like the Vikings but in the end, the two leaders died and the last members remaining were the two brothers.

Who exchange their contempt for each other before letting off the steam. As the two brothers fell on the ground they wondered how it came to be that way.

The loved each other so much but was influenced by the cult groups, peer groups and, anger.

Michael succeeded in having revenge but lost his brother, on the other hand, Justin failed to protect the brother he loved so much because he had no choice but to protect himself from the anger of his brother who feels he has been betrayed by his him by causing their mothers death.


In the end, everybody lost and the government they were fighting for in other to gain recognition never acknowledged them and pretended as nothing happened.

The next day information got to the father of the boys and he was told of the event. The father of the boys was devastated and disappointed. Now he has no children and no wife. He decided to spend all his days a Drunk.

What a tragic fate he thought to himself.
Don’t ever let yourself be deceived.

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