Identifying great girls on the campus is an article, I wrote because I have noticed people fears on approaching universities, girls.

The concept of Identifying great girls and the wrong girls on campus is an article that has been on my mind for a long time. 

This is mostly because when I look at campus girls all I see a variety of girls.

But most of them are not all that different from each other.

Can your girlfriend fight for you?
Can you fight for your girlfriend?

This is the kind of question we should constantly ask ourselves.

when you know how to approach girls on campus, then you can identify good ones

The clothes that bring great girls and the clothes that bring dangerous girls.

When you are the kind of student that dresses big, you will surely find a fashion designer like you.

A lady that cares for nothing else than completing the structures she has set upon her wardrobe.

People who dress alike will always complement each other even though most of them fake their dressing.

Let me illustrate a story that gives a perfect example of this scenario.

Clifford always wears crazy jeans and each time any girl comes to close to him, they are the people that love the way he dresses and acts the way he acts.

Clifford was a brilliant student, no, doubt but he wanted to shift people’s attention from looking at him from that point of view.

In the class, Clifford will wear anything and will not bother to look great but will look like a bully instead.

while normal girls fled, the ones that wanted him the way he was will always approach him.

On a beautiful sunny morning, Clifford wore a beautiful cloth that isn’t looking crazy and rough.

Everyone was looking for him everywhere in the class that day without noticing him quietly sitting somewhere.

They started calling his phone and asking him if he was in the class today?

It marveled at him as he never understood the power of clothing.

As a student one of the things that will attract people to you will be as a result of your wear, and girls are not exempted from that.

The power of clothes

Your first attraction to girls is probably from your clothes.

In the same scenario, your hair cut most of the time might define you to different people and how people comprehend you.

People are determined by these little things that you probably call nothing.

Ladies/girls are moved by what they see.

That means 80% of ladies that are coming to you come because of the wears you put on.

Have you checked up on guys who dress cooperate all the time?

The human being that will be in their way or that might approach them, are people that are like them.

People that show their bodies on the public most of the time might have time for them.

The location you visit either brings you to good girls or bad girls, the same as boys.

Places are symbolizing a frequently visited area and committed places where you spent most of your time.

People that go to the club every Friday and Saturdays, which kind of people do you think will be their cycles of friends when it comes to ladies?

Of course, those party lovers will be the ones that will be their acquaintance.

Location matters in this life, that is why some people find it difficult trying to have a serious relationship with university girls.

It is because of the location and story that have been told about the university girls, that has made people despise them.

Take a look at girls you meet in church, not all of them professes what they are.

These girls might be in the front seat of church and still not love God.

Now, consider this with me, if can barely find good girls in the church these days, what makes you think you can find good girls easily in the club.

Know this, location matters in any place.


Girls are everywhere but getting a committed girl is usually hard.

There is something God refused to do when creating humanity and that was?

God refused to write people’s identities in their foreheads.

That is because people can also change for the better tomorrow, so I am not judging.

The wrong girls on the campus are the

Fashion monster, they want to wear the latest design and be the first to get the trending kinds of stuff.

People do not know the value of money and many of them do not even know how to work for this money.

Some girls are beautiful but empty, I personally call these kinds of girls, “I am appreciating my beauty”.

This kind of girl has beauty but has nothing else apart from their astounding beauty.

They are usually calling to attention and are ready to break away with any guy they are not having enough attention from.

Girls are also the drama queen and would do anything and even cause havoc just to converge attention to themselves.

Great girls on campus

These are girls you mostly meet in unusual and awkward situations.

These girls are helpful but most of all they put themselves in their boyfriends’ shoes and try to understand them better.

They are moderately worried and moderately jealous when they are in love.

Most of them are committed to their education or are secretly learning skills that put them at the point of their game.

These types of girls usually help their men in achieving great height.

They are the listening kinds of girls and are jovial but also get serious when the needs arise.

They are confident with themselves and believe in what they can do.

These kinds of girls always want to help in building homes together with their men.

Girls Like these always get angry and also forgive their boyfriend’s easily and plan on moving forward with their partners.

The need for spiritually rich girls

Know that on the campus you don’t only need a girl that has all these qualities but also the person that has the grace of God working in her life.

That her spirituality is fully charged to support any man they set their eyes on.

You should know that it is not everyone going to the fellowship that carries the grace.

Not everyone in the front row seat of the church carries the grace and fire of God.

Men need these kinds of girls that carry the fire of God and his grace so that they can support them. read more from here this site, naira land

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