There are so many ways to understand the concept of bullying and the ones being bullied.

One has to be careful when discerning these characters, although most of them come out on their own.

Like I mentioned in the overview, there are various ways to recognize a bully and these can be group based on the individual peer groups, school, and family, etc.

Bullying in the peer group

They are always the head of a group: they are the leader who everyone follows. They are the figure of authority.  They want everything to be the way they want it and they are compulsive.

They are usually known to be the rich kid who has somewhat spread their influences on other kids. they take the command chain and champion or ill behaviors.

They might not be the strongest but they are the ones that have the most authority, But at the very list, they are not weak.

It is not only the rich kids that end up leading a group of bullies, an average person or figure with a lot of pranks and assurance, but decisiveness and control can also become a bully.

School risk factor

Unsupervised interaction between different grade levels during the break period can increase the activities of bullies. Bullies see it as an opportunity when there is less supervision on their part. They likely want to stay out of sight because that is where they can operate better.

Being indifferent or accepting students’ attitudes. This is another factor that increases the rate of bullying. It makes those who weren’t initially interested in the activities of bullying to be.

Individual Risk factors

These are the things that are likely going to enforce bullying, and they are;

People that are impulsive, hot-headed are likely going to make the candidate of bullies because they are usually irrational. so they end up bullying their mates or companions.

People that have the dominating capability, lacking empathy and impatient. This kind of person also has the ability to champion bullying.

People that have a positive attitude towards violence and physical aggression. This means that people that have an attitude of violence and aggression towards life have the ability to champion bullying as well.

People that are indifferent to academic achievements. People that are indifferent to education are liable to champion bullying because most of the things that make him indifferent to his grade and educational pursuit are not interesting to him or her.

The individual that hate the natural ecosystem. They kill helpless living things that have done nothing to them. At the very least thy enjoy taunting those creature. These kinds of people are liable to become bullies and they will torment others.

Individuals that find it difficult obeying set rules has a higher probability of bullying others. They never conform to the norms and rules of society. they hate the rules thereby hate weak people that want the rules to protect them.

Lastly individuals with low or no tolerance to frustration. these kinds of people get frustrated on any little matter. they have a higher percentage of getting mad on things that they are not meant to.

Family risk factors

People who love their parents so much but their loves were never reciprocated. These kinds of people are lonely inside and want to lose their frustrations on others. they will do anything to please their parents and because there is no reciprocation they tend to vent their anger on others and themselves.

Permissive parenting style, who allows their children to do things out of the norms without penalizing them. this parenting style contributes to the kind of children who turns out to become bullies because they were never penalized. 

An autocratic parenting style that abuses their children. It makes their children hate the world. They feel everyone is like parents, which means they should also treat others like also. they bully their peers, friends and taunt those they consider their enemies

Also, parents that are grouped under unconcerned parents. these types of parents barely investigate their children and they barely know what their children are up to, hence their children participate in bullying activities because their parent is barely on their neck.

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