How to identify a bullied victim is a more tricky one than how to identify a bully. Looking at various scenarios bullies are always proud, outstanding and notorious, on the other hand, bullied victims are always timid, secretive and always on the shadow.

The bullied victim also has its ways on the ladder of identification. Like family, peer groups, school, and individuals.

These are things that will make others likely to bully you and that is when they notice all this in you. these are;

Family risk factor

Over protections by family members: when you protect an individual too much. You leave them open to attack and fearful of others when they are far from home. They will always think that there will be a savior to save them if anything were to happen to them.

Families that were soft and not implemented in the past. These are like a trait. Some families might have a long history of being bullied and one of their children might inhibit their soft and indecisive life.

Individual risk factors for identifying a victim of a bully.

Physical weakness particularly boys: when boys are born with weak bodies they become an easy target of the bullies. Whether in the school or among their peers at home or playground.

Having Difficulty asserting themselves among peers: people that agree with whatever their companions say without having their own personal opinion are usually oppressed by their companion and friends. 

Victims of bullies are cautious, sensitive, and have insecure personalities. Victims of bullies are always insecure, cautious, sensitive and complain about their weakness. They blame everything on their powerless and also to their parents most of the time for giving them weak bodies

Finally, individuals within the minority groups like lesbians, gay, negro, handicap, and transgender, etc are mostly bullied. This is because they are on the minority groups were they either have little friends of their kind or work alone. Now take a look at the colleges and high school how many percentages of these minority groups are found in those schools.

Peer groups characteristics:

People who lack close friends are usually bullied either in the class because they are isolated and alone or when they are going back home. Most high school girls or boys are picked up by their parents but most of the busy parents might have the time to bring them back so they follow public transport or school bus.  On the school bus, if you are alone you become the easiest target.

Lacking special groups: legally sanctioned group are always great for the individual to hide and they won’t be single out from that group, but when they lack the protection of these groups they become a prey to the world.

School characteristics:

Presence of aggressive students both in the same class or higher class. There are bound to be intimidation by these student exposing the victim to so many harassments. The presence of these bullies will only increase the threat of the students.

Uneven or inconsistencies enforcement to the rules and laws. Situations like these increase the activities of a bully. This happens when they see that punishment is not giving frequently. when they notice that they can maneuver the law then the activities of bully increase automatically.

Giving some students leverage over others either because they are holding some positions. This happens a lot when a student is giving preference over others. They may start oppression others because of their position. They misuse their power for fun hence increasing the activities of bullying.

Indifference on the part of teachers or authorities increases the activities of bullies or accepting students’ attitudes towards bullying increases even more. What this does is to encourage the bullies to do more because of the indifference treatment giving over the issue. They don’t have to afraid of the consequences of their actions.

Lack of supervision during break period: this could also be seen as being indifferent but unlike being “indifferent”, lack of supervision is the absence of supervision on bullying-related matters. it represents not investigating any of it at all. which means if there is any report on bullying it won’t be investigated

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