How to make money while studying in college 2

How to make money while studying in college 2, is the continuation of how to make money while studying in college 1.

I am still on the duty of giving students information that will help them balance college and finance.

This balance is both on their finance and also in their studies.

Piggyvest is helping college students to save

Piggyvest is a savings and investment platform just like cowrywise.

The general knowledge in this platform is to instill discipline to students.

It is a simple app that allows you to save and invest.

How does piggyvest work?

Piggyvest has so many features as regards on how to making savings comfortable and encouraging for people.

You can choose to save little amounts of money periodically (daily, weekly and monthly)

In piggyvest once you have completed your account set up then you are ready for money-making.


let me start by telling you that referral comes with a special price, as anyone you refer you automatically get 1000NGN for it.

referring people is easy only if you explain to people why they need the app.

The only way to refer people is to give them the reason to use the services you are telling them to use.

How do you succeed in doing this?

To do this you have to know enough details about the platform

you have to show beyond all measures that you have been a beneficiary of the platform to be able to convince them to join.

you have to tell them the little disadvantages in the platform for them to weigh the scale themselves.

A safe lock as an advantage in saving.

piggyvest has a safety lock that allows you to set a fund aside until the needed time to be spent.

When activating a safe lock you are in control of how to set your duration whether 10 days or 1000days.

It creates a form of discipline on how to spend funds.

You can also earn interest up to 15.5% per Annum with safe lock.

What else can you find in Piggyvest that will interest you so much?

well, there is flex naira and flex dollar.

Flex Naira

Piggy Flex Account is a sub-account (not your normal savings account) where all the interests you earn on the PiggyBank platform will be paid, as well as funds from your Safe Lock.

This can only be possible if your fund was on safe-lock for a minimum of 3 months.

Flex dollars

This is another fun way to save. When you save in this subset of these categories you are exempting yourself from the too much currency devaluation.

In this way, you can save, invest and transfer in dollars.

When you save your money in dollars, you will recover most of your online marketing and sales because almost everything they use is dollars.

Do you know the craziest thing of all, is the ability for immobile money to generate interest?

There is no penalty attached to this as to why you are saving in dollars because it is totally safe.

How can you fund your flex dollar account?

You can fund your Flex Dollar account from your Flex Naira wallet or your bank card.

All you need to do is select an amount in Dollars you would like to purchase, then select a funding source and complete the transaction.

piggyvest investments

piggyvest has large investment platforms.

This is because they have partnered with so many industries and organizations, in other to help each other.

Each of these investments people make has its own interest rate that is specific to them.

To conclude this, piggyvest is good for saving but people should always search out for new trends and cues for better opportunities out there.

One of the ways to be kept updated is to always visit, and you can also find out more about piggyvest

you can also read up previous financial article too

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