How to identify pretenders

How to identify pretenders, is an article that I have I believe will throw some people off guard.

some people on the campus actually pretend a lot this is why I want to expatiate on this matter.

What is pretense:

this connotes living a life based on falsehood.

Pretense can come in diverse ways.

For example, like pretending you are brilliant when you are not

Pretending to be rich when you are poor or even pretending to be holy when you are doing the worst in the shadow, etc.

A Pretense is an act of distorting the originality of something.

Animals are the best pretender they imitate their environment in order to get their prey.

With the detriment of fake life, you can understand everything about pretense but it is more like a story explanation.

How to decipher a pretentious life

Pretense can be deciphered through identifying deviant behaviors of the original character of someone.

The pretense is an absence of some necessary materials and even the quality of the original material is different from that of the pretentious.

It is also a modification of them to fake to look close to the original one.

Listen to pretenders critically and you will identifier some flaws from what they are saying.

You will also discover that there is little difference between the fake and the original.

It takes a lot of patience and concentration to do that, that is why you need great qualities.

Qualities like patience, insight, knowledge of the original object, wisdom, smartness, etc.

The positive effect of pretense.

I know most of you are curious as to how pretense could have positive effects.

Yes, it does, but the negative impact is very high that is why I would never advise anyone to practice it.

Pretending to be something that you are not can make you become that thing only if you have good qualities in you.

Shame can help you when you pretend

why shame? If you have shame and you have an idea that sooner or later, your lies will be spotted out, then you will be propelled and motivated to become the original you instead of the fake one.

Hardworking and having insight 

when you are hardworking you can make your fake life become reality but if you are not you will be regarded as a fraud.

Sometimes pretense gets you into a position and with motivation and hardworking.

Seeing a little bit ahead of others you can customize yourself life to fit into the position you desire and also do better.

The negative effects of pretense

Pretense destroys a reputation.

If you lie to people or live a fake life, then sooner or later you will destroy your self-image and people will be disappointed with you at the end.

Pretense makes people lose trust in friends and loves ones:

when you pretend people will not see you like someone to rely on again.

This is probably because the life you are living has been that of deceit.

Pretense my end up killing you

This is because it is like a double-edged sword.

while pretense will enable you to deceive others and look innocent you will slowly lock your self out and limit the options when talking with people.

When you make a mistake with your lies then it will be detrimental, and it may eventually kill you In the process.

Just imagine a civilian that is pretending to be a military, what do you think will happen to him when he is caught.

Pretense might lead you to have the desire to become rich fast.

This will enhance in making the individual think of a faster means which includes fraudulence robbery and even joining secrete occult for money.

How to overcome pretense

Being satisfied with what you have is the first thing to look out for when you want to stop the act of pretense.

This is because being gratified and happy with what and how you are, will make you not to pretend or live a fake life.

Don’t be impatient.

If you actually take it easy you can get to where others are eventually and you will even surpass them.

Everybody has its own timeline and success time, don’t rush to get there too early before you die too early also.

When you do this, you won’t get to enjoy the thing you are seeking, just like the story of Precious.

Be hard working, because if you are busy you will not have the time to notice other people or even pretend to be like them.

Pretending takes a lot of hard work to do, so someone that is busy will have no such time.

Don’t be ashamed of your self or your family.

Sometimes people pretend to be who they are not when they are ashamed and unsatisfied with their family.

It goes to the extent that, they find it difficult to take an opportunity in their house.

Your parents might not have it all but they brought you to this world and also want you to be like others.

Finally, Self-love matters in this life

It is also good to aspire to be like someone but it is never good to pretend like others.

When you love yourself you will definitely create lasting self values for your life.

You will like each morning of your life and take it as a challenge to get higher in life.

Don’t live your life for others this is because you will end up living a fake life.

Just love yourself.

An Advice For The Young Ones

I would never advise anyone to pretend.

this is because you can’t be good and bad at the same time.

It is a waste of time, the time you would have used for achieving something better.

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