How to gain admission in Nigeria is a trick I have discovered over a long time and I think it works.

To gain admission into Universities in Nigeria you should know a lot about the country you come from, the system and your capability and network, which is your interaction with people.

Pretty much all universities in the country have their own standards just like human beings. The question is, can you fit into these standards?

4 easy steps you need for you to secure admission.

Study the system of the school you want to attend.

Fortunately, all schools have their mode of operation. Take your time to study the mode of operation and then find out the loopholes in that very system that you can exploit, that is one of the ways how to gain admission in most third world country.

Every university has a weak point, you just have to discover this weak point and capitalize on them.

Know the system that needs you.

After knowing the university you are about to enter, study the one’s that are favorable to you the most.

It is true that all the university in the country you are eligible to enter but there are some your university that you have a higher percentage of entering than others. Take a look at these statistics then see what I am talking about.

1. Overall merit equals 45%

2. Catchment area equals 35%

3. Educationally least developed state equals 20%

What does this mean?

Catchment areas are areas that have numbers of universities. It talks about a number of universities instituted in a particular state.

To explain this I will use the admission process of an engineer, for example, someone seeking admission into engineering and scores 250 while his friend score 230 the same engineering he wants.

They will use these three standards to grade them whether they will be admitted or not.

If many people scored 300 points, and before they get to 250 and 230 points they must have exhausted the option of overall merit then the both of them will miss out on that.

Then your scores will also be accessed under the catchment area if there are less University in your place compare to your friend then, they will consider the person whose state has more University because it is believed that he should have the opportunity to go to school.

The last criteria are educationally poor states. So if your friend falls under these criteria then he is also likely to have admission before you because they want to close the gap between States education.

That is also how to gain admission in most third world country.

Prepare until you have nothing to prepare for again.

Knowing or researching about the school, gives you an edge but it is not the only thing you should be fighting for.

You have to think outside the box. Think more than anyone and read till you have no space left to input something.

Picture yourself as already a candidate of the university. Remember the way you program your mind is the way several events will turn out for you.

Sometimes when preparing for exams, you should read like the exam is the hardest.

Fortunately, when it comes up it will be easy because you have done more than justice to the reading aspect.

Another thing to consider when preparing for exams is to read smartly.

You will do much better when you take your time and read according to the syllable given to you by jamb. You can find this on the cd-rom that was giving to you.

Study the jamb system of questions and the only way to do this is by studying jamb past questions.

Reading past questions has a technique used in extracting information.

Once you have started reading it, there must be an answer that is difficult and hard to store, go to your textbooks or the internet and read it thoroughly for more understanding. This is important to know how to gain admission.

Time management.

This is yet another factor that people have refused to pay attention to.

They think it is so trivial that it has ended up damaging things.

Time management is very important in every exam that you are writing because if you can control time and remain calm you will actually write well.

From my observation and research, I have come to believe that most of the failures that happen in the exam hall were contributed by low time management.

This low time management is about 45% and that is very big considering it is not the only factor that makes people fail.

I have little advice for all of you, who are writing any exam whether exams that use computers or that are manually written.

If there are 100 questions and 10 pages that are 1page for 10 questions try to make sure you answer all questions before turning over to the next page simply because you might forget it later on, or your computer might refuse to visit the previous page.

If you are also writing a paper exam you should be conscious of time, try to flow in synergy with time, don’t flow against time.

Try to do something as soon as possible not when you notice your time is done then you start doing a rush-hour technique.

Sometime when you are giving 30 minutes for a particular exam consider yourself having less than 30 minutes that was allocated to you.

Do you know that lecturer plays with the minds of students?

They know that students will be under the impression of having much time which will make them think of time management as a trivial issue. This gives also gives you a glimpse of on how to gain admission in the university.

The solution to time management act.

How do you manage time?

Well, you have to be conscious as I have earlier detected, but there is still more in order to beat the race of exam time.

You have to practice online exams for a long time before going to the real exam.

How do you achieve this? You have to go to a cyber cafe and practice online exams.

If you have a phone you can still use your phone for online exams.

The more you practice online exams the more you overcome time mismanagement.

Funny enough if you practice well you might just come across questions that are similar or exactly the same.

These whole things apply to post-utme and any other exam, follow this advice and you will pass any exam you are writing.

Ways to gain admission but if these steps are followed then admission is sure.

I could only give you as much but to see what determination in making a good grade in university you have to do more.

you can also check my question and answer session on these source to gain more

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