how to approach random girls in the college

how to approach random girls in the college, is an article I wrote while thinking of how to make a long-lasting impression on college students that communication could happen with anybody

Don’t be on the campus without having a serious conversation until your graduation.

Don’t tell yourself it is a waste of your time because of the fear of approach.

Talking to girls also gives you the privilege to know more about them  instead of just imagining it.

What are the things you could talk about with a girl without boring her?

There are varieties of things you can talk with a girl and keep her engaged.

Most of these topics are topics that you both have in common and even though you may not,  you can still learn something from the conversation.

Make sure that every conversation flows naturally and that you don’t filter anything or avoid the major topics when they are necessary.

Have you ever consider talking about your hobbies, when discussing with a college girl?

Talking about your hobby with a girl makes the conversation to be interesting as your hobby talks about who you are and part of your experiences now, and in the future.

Environment and culture when interacting with college girls.

The environment is a whole lot to talk about.

It ranges from lifestyle and wildlife and, even fact about life.

Just pick any topic around the environment.

you will have a great conversation with any girl on the campus.

The same thing goes to culture.

The culture of life is too vast; with it, you can create a lasting conversation and a fascinating one at the same time.

When talking to college girls be a  Good Listener And Let Girls Have The Confidence To Open Up To You

I have been a good listener throughout my life and it is good to give people that courage to tell you their great secretes.

People find it easy talking with me, of course, some are not comfortable talking me to as well.

You can’t be good with everyone in this world bear that in mind.

Having a great conversion falls in two ways, the giving end, and the reciprocal end, and both of them must be ready.

Talk to people when they are ready to listen to you.

Don’t force conversation.

Most guys make the conversation to be one-sided and almost make it feels like they are bragging about a particular thing they do best.

they also make it feel like they are begging for attention

Ask Question But Make Sure You Ask The Right Questions

Have you ever asked a girl a question that nearly torn the nice conversation you were having with a lady at the last minute?

Well, this thing mostly happens when we make our questions and conversation look like interviews.

you make conversations tiring and repetitive when it looks like an interview.

It bores the life out of ladies when you interview them and repeat the whole process all over again.

Fear a dangerous asset when talking to college girls

Sometimes fear makes you bring up boring issues, and also makes you remain silent even when you are supposed to be talking.

other times, fear makes you become constricted by one subject matter even when it is not supposed to be that way thereby limiting the conversations when talking to college girls.

fears also give your counterparts and opponent command over the conversations.

don’t let fear rule but allow your reasoning to be calm when talking to college girls

I want to acknowledge one of my great source of information, wiki how, for their constant flood of knowledge

search wiki how for more

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