The role of parents in student’s educations

Parents are essential when it comes to child development, even if I don’t say so; I know most of us to know that.

A position where a child was given birth contributes to how the child will think during his active school period.

How do you see the development of the first children?  Well, they are the ones most closely to their parents. In this case, if their parents were the busy types that never paid attention to their children, two things happen

Seeking for parental approval

This comes in two ways, first, they become good children that work hard or they become delinquents who also want their parent’s attention from the bad things that they do.

The second one is that they do things without restriction because their parents never paid attention to them. Sometimes this set of people becomes bullies because no one paid attention to them.

The first sons and daughters are like the molder of other children. Any training they received, that is the same thing they are going to use in molding their younger ones, except on one or two occasions where one or two siblings want to follow their path or derailed from their original path.

Therefore the first child that was taught by their parents always turns out good and uses such a pattern to train the younger ones.

In general, parents play significant roles in the upbringing of educationally wise children.

There are three types of parenting styles.

Only one of these parenting styles can mold better children and better students.

Autocratic parenting

Authoritative/democratic parenting

Permissive parenting

Uninvolved parenting 

Autocratic parenting: These types of parents have no room for the contributions to the life of their children therefore everything that comes out of their mouth is indisputable.

They only succeed in making the children afraid of others and unable to make their own decision when they are needed to do so.

Authoritative/democratic parenting: This type of parenting is best suited for a child’s upbringing. They give rules but are always lenient and as well as try as possible to explain their rules.

They explained the rules that they are giving to their children as well as try not to be absolute when giving the rules. They allow their children to participate in making a certain decision and contribute to making creative input in the family which helps them to stand out for themselves even when they are far from home.

This parenting style does not prioritize dominance but incites respects. The children have no cause in not respecting their parents as they will accord them their respect even to the least of it.

Permissive parenting: These are parents that have the right to meddle with the affairs of their children but decided not to do so. They permit their children to do whatever they want to just as it is not affecting their right as a parent or calls for their concern.

This contributes to making the children engage in activities that are illegal and which may not have any beneficial interest to them but rather satisfying their ego for that very moment.

These types of parents feel like they are too busy and have no time for their children, therefore they permit whatever they want for them to be happy.

Uninvolved parenting style: They are the kind of parents that hardly involves the matters relating to their children. Most uninvolved parents are a result of not having the power to meddle with their children’s affairs not just because that they do have reasons to do so, but because they have lost their right as a parent to get involved.

Some parents sold their rights with little things that are not even worthy of cognizance and because of such mistakes they have lost their rights to get involved in their children’s affairs. In this case, they feel like they are not fit to get involved or whatsoever.

Importance of good parents

Parenting style, the “Authoritative parenting style” is very important in molding a better life; this is because good parenting brings about good exposures. Good parents train children to be bold and mature when facing lives in difficult situations as well as to be cautious in dealing with unfavorable situations also.

When a child is exposed, the child understands the life which he is living.

Exposure comes in the form of learning and games, these things empower children and allows them to make maximum use of their mental power and prowess.

Unexposed children always have some limitations attached to their lives. They have made a little mistake and have not discovered the world in its entirety. These mistakes always happen as a result of constriction to learning maybe as a result of not traveling or not being vast with different literature or the circles of friends that they have.

Good parents should encourage their children to be observant. They should be able to predict moods, environment and even situations and conditions because these little things are the key to favor and love as well as understanding.

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