Hostel versus off-campus
I will draw my writing from experience and observation of others I have witnessed on the campus. As a scholar and a writer, I pay attention to life and its mystery and how people live their lives.
The hostel is like an attachment that is meant to boost the activities of the school, every college or university has it except for polytechnics.
Without hostel there might be several issues, well, that will be discussed later.
What about off-campus, what are the uses, what are people’s direct interests in it.
Now, I want us to know that both hostel and off-campus have their own advantage and disadvantage and everyone has their natural taste for any of them.
The university is meant for the matured minds, so make sure when coming to such a ferocious land you come prepared both physically and mentally prepared.

Advantages of staying in a hostel
The hostel has proved helpful overtime when it comes to paving the way to a boost, in the academic, spiritual and social-cultural aspects of the student life compared to those living in the off-campus and its environments. Although, there has been a tremendous increase in the well-being of those living in the place of residence provided by independent individuals notwithstanding the security dilemma the off-campus atmosphere possesses to the occupants of the latter. Let’s take the University of Port-Harcourt as a case study in which 60-70% of her students’ lives off-campus due to inadequate hall of residence which has been a major challenge to other tertiary institution in Nigeria.
People live in the hostel because most 85 percent hostel has better lighting condition than the off-campus
Light is life and makes everywhere lively. I don’t need to expatiate the uses of electricity in our life as it uses is glaring.
The water system, the water provision is absolute, with the administration thinking of her students they will not have them suffer for water as water is required to go to class and do other things like cooking.

Outrageous insecurity is at it minimal, that is to say, it is hard for one to be robbed by a thief with a Gun.

Proximity to the teaching classroom is there and as such has increased motivation to studying and night reading, this is indeed helpful as people that would undeniably not have done well if staying far from class will be motivated to join their fellow friends in attending classes.

Adaptability, in the hostel you will get to associated with different characters, the hostel gives you the avenue to associate with these people and test your limits and patients with them. With this, you can discover an incredible skill of knowledge of provocative people and how to work with them. This in general increases productivity when you start working as well as managerial skills

The disadvantages of staying in the hostel

Many people say that staying in the hostel makes them feels like someone is still taking care of them. People say, that living outside makes them feel total control of there lives, so in other words, the hostel is a hindrance to attaining yet another height in development as objected by some individuals.

Hostel robs off people’s privacy. That is what most people feel like. They say that people trample upon their life. They want to see their stuff the way they left it they want to be in total control.

Most people admit that the hostel is stuffy and different authorities residing within takes control and issue out the command without considering people’s circumstances and situations.

Advantages of staying off-camp

People jump at the opportunity of staying outside the hostel for the sole reason of privacy. Well, this is not how everybody feels about off-campus.

I’ve gone around and ask people why they want to stay outside the school all they told me was that they want their things to remain the way they are keeping it.

Most people don’t want the struggle of the controls from people so they decide to stay alone.

Off-campus is really a semi-real environment; it is a place where people want to test whether they can take care of themselves.

one of the advantages of staying off-campus is making the difficult decision on your own, here you find out a little about life on your own.

Off-campus teaches people how to handle pressure on all sides, whether finance, relationship or anything else.

Off-campus is where you learn a control system. You learn how to control things around but if you fail to learn such a lesson, you will drown in mismanagement.

Disadvantages of staying off-campus

Most people become drowned in an uncontrolled environment because of the pressure outside.

What do you think happens when people that are not mentally prepared and mature enough that is going to university? Well, they get entangled to things they never planned for.

To elaborate this, I will tell you a story about someone I know, he entered college and was staying off-campus, at first he was staying with someone that controlled his actions as he had the tendency of going wild someday.  Then after his roommate was no more, he totally changed and started smoking and drinking, attending fewer lectures and doing things outside his academic life. That is the kind of free spirit outside the campus for people that are not matured mentally. That is not how everyone outside the campus eventually turns out though.

Anybody can spoil perfectly in any environment; it is how you associate with people, and the kind of people you associate with that matter in that regard. But there are environments that allow people to disintegrate faster than the others.

The perfect place to be when you are a fresher

Sometimes people question themselves, where is the best place to be, during your freshman year, the answer is Hostel, the hostel is the best place because as a fresher the environment is yet unclear to you. Being in the hostel gives you enough opportunity to observe things properly as well as know the place that will be ok for you.

It gives the individual enough time for mental maturity and also and allows them to be prepared. That is why it is good for students to stay in the hostel before staying outside.

General advice for the fresher

It is good to be mentally prepared and mature before coming into the school environment, as the environment has the ability to engulf anyone who is not matured enough and change them.

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