five easiest things to do on campus to earn money

The five easiest things to do on campus to earn money is an article I am using to show students how they can help their parents while they are still going to school.

Finally, we have entered the financial area of my writing.

Do you know that poverty is in the heart/mind?

Some people have already considered themselves poor before anybody could say that to them.

This is very bad for our youth these days.

People often watch others angrily as they will classify their success as not of God but of the devil.

They will say all manner of things, but you have to understand that money comes from little sacrifices.

Distraction by fast money

Fast money is the talk of the day on campus.

it is appalling as many of the students have fallen victim to fast money.

Everyone wants to make it fast but there is no shortcut to making money because it has always been the same.

Do not be angry if your friend is betting and making money from it because if you do, you won’t remain the same.

Your friend knows what he is passing through but you don’t.

Moreover betting might be a fast way of cheating nature but it is also addictive and have its own shortcomings.

The five easy things to do on campus to make money

This information might not be able to serve its best to all the regions of the world.

Meanwhile, the concept will hold enough responsive attributes to people of the African region.

But at best everybody around the world will benefit from it, I am sure of it.

Before I kick-off, I want to inform the student that will be reading this article that the road to making money is not easy.

It is even more difficult to make money as a student as a matter of fact.

Others that have made money through these means or any other means where very persistent without limits.

May I also, add that you need money for you to make money, don’t let anyone deceive you that you don’t need money to make money.

So you won’t start any of these ventures I will be listing out with zero money.

Campus and money

You should be able to deduce that on campus it is very easy to make money.

This is because there are a lot of opportunities to do so.

The problem is that, are you paying enough attention to details to understand these kinds of opportunities?

To make money on campus you need to do the following.

You need wisdom.

Knowledge of problems and applications to solve these problems.

Should I also let you know that you must originally think of the problem and feel the need to solve them rather than dreaming of the money.

having said these let us start.

you can start by;

Starting tutorial classes

How much do you love a course and appreciate the course?

This is the basis that will establish this effect.

If you know a course and you can teach them very well, then you need to establish your passion.

This is the most graceful thing that can happen to anyone.

Are you thinking of how to start a tutorial?

Starting a tutorial on campus

Always know that if you want to start a new ground and you know that there are people before you in those ground, you have to be extraordinary.

But even though there are people before you,  you are not teaching the same thing so it is feasible.

All you have to do is approach one or two-person that are having difficulty with one of the areas of those courses and explain it to them.

you can go to classes that are affiliated with those courses and announce a free tutorial of one week to them.

In this one week, you have to give them half bake but interesting lectures that will keep them from always coming to you.

Make sure you are an authority in that area of that course.

Advantages of Tutorials

Now let me remind you, people who have become an authority of a course and are doing tutorials have something to take care of them on the campus.

I know of someone that has invested so much because of the tutorial.

Now, I will tell you that it was not easy at first for anyone most of them have to double their efforts from what they usually do just to meet up.

Also, they always spend on buying equipment used for teaching and might even pay little cash to some authority for them to be allowed to stay there.

Starting a male and female salon

A Salon is one of the things that can pay your bills as a student.

Students of all ages and era are always the same.

They make their hair and the male cut their hair.

A saloon will be advantageous for any student to have because each day you will go with nothing less than 5000.

It is good to make your salon better than others as you add some necessity that will prompt people to come to your salon.

These necessities can vary like nail fixing, hair retouch, dying of hair and even makeup for all ladies.

starting a writing job and designing jobs online

As a student, as a student, all you do must in the classroom.

people expect you to be more than that and to have a wider and broad knowledge of many useful things.

There are people out there that have one problem or the other.

Most of these problems are a simple writing job that you can do within 30 minutes and earn as much as 10$.

So you see, it is an advantage to you because the job does not require you to move from place to place yet you still earn.

all you need is just your laptop to accomplish these tasks.

Also, know that there are things you could design and get money for it.

These things vary from video editing to photo editing and many more.

Some companies are looking for advertisements banner, you could provide these things and make money from it.

For you to get these jobs you have to search for some freelancing platform, register with them and enjoy these opportunities.

you can also use LinkedIn and other social media platforms to tell people what you are capable of doing for them

Social media marketing and affiliate marketing.

Most students have high followers and fan base but do not know how to use them to their own advantage.

All they know is that they are making waves online, meanwhile, they can use these opportunities to their advantage.

Affiliate marketing works hand in hand with social media.

you can apply for affiliate marketing from different companies and you will be allowed to be advertising for companies.

And, everyone that uses your link from the affiliate marketing and got the service you will get some percentage of the price.

you can also advertise for an individual if you have many followers, and get money for it.

Here are some company that allows affiliate marketing in Nigeria,

  1. Konga Affiliate Program
  2. PayPorte Affiliate Program
  3. Web4Africa Affiliate Program
  4. Wakanow Affiliate Program
  5. VConnect Affiliate Program
  6. WhoGoHost Affiliate Program
  7. Bet9ja Affiliate Program

Search for them online you will see them, apply and get started.

The last one but not least is dropshipping.

This can be done with ease, all you have to is to create your website majoring it for dropshipping.

There are also other ways this can take place you can link up with a site that is blooming and make a deal with the owner.

Although, not all website accepts these because of its distraction and how people oftentimes make a bad deal.

Now, what these imply is that you will look for a product that is more appealing to the students if you are in the school environment.

You know beyond doubt that these students want these products so you advertise and start supplying it for them.

The only thing is that if you are being supported by a website, the website must have its deal-cut from the total sales.

People good at these drop shipping are popular sites like Ali-express and Jumia, etc.

They are known for these and they also do delivery but the normal websites can still do it if they want.

It is a win-win situation as far as no one loses, it is all good.

These can be seen as good extra-curricular exposure also.

You should know that there are so many opportunities in populated areas like colleges and in campus-related areas.

Doing business in these areas brings great encouragement.

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