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Cultism, something you should avoid.

What is cultism: these are a group of violence and destruction loving gangs that go about with certain ideology about life. They are also secret, anti-social people that are feared by non-followers and also the school administrators.

To read a story of a cultist and understand how cultist live their lives go through this link,

The origin of cultism in Nigeria
the student cult organization in Nigeria was registered in 1952 as a social-cultural club by the name, National Association of Sea Dogs (pirates confraternity). It was co-founded by Professor Wole Soyinka, the Nobel laureate for literature, and six other students in Nigerian university for reason of which represent best of academic, social and cultural ideals.

The noble ideals center’s on the eradication of colonialism in all forms, promotion of respect for human dignity. Humanitarian activities as well as the elimination of elitism and tribalism in the society.

The first twenty years of the existence of the University of Ibadan which it came from. At that time, The confraternity was regarded with amazement, although its role was neither violence nor destructive.

The emergence of a faction from the pirate confraternity in the early 1970s marked the beginning of a new orientation for future generalizations of pirates, as is being witnessed today. It also declared the beginning of the spreading of Cult associations not only in higher institutions of learning but also in the secondary school in the country.

Types of  secret cult groups
Black Axe
Black Cobra
Daughters of Jezebel
Pink lady
Dey well
Dey bam
Green landers etc

These cults group varies in their orientation and ideologies, they vary in their Dressing code and language codes.

They literally fight against themselves. They are like two bridge that can never meet.

Reasons why people join a cult
The first reason is for personal protection

The second reason is to secure power, authorities, and respect: this can happen in the form of student union government or being affiliated with higher authorities in school.

The third reason is to satisfy their curiosity: some people are just inquisitive to know what it feels like to belong in those group but in the end, they may never find out, this is because they die early

The fourth reason is for them to become the master of their destiny, they also want to decide the direction of their lives without leaving it for fate and chances to decide for them.

The sixth reason is that they want to have important contact and connections: with them, being in a group like that, they will have connections with each other and their contact extend to other big politicians who usually use them for the political underground movement.

The seventh reason is that they want to escape punishment for the crime which they commit.

The eighth reason is that they want to have access to supernatural powers: with their assorted initiation, they get influenced with different fetish practice which will enable them to acquire powers beyond the physical realm.

The last but not the least reason is that It helps them to acquire ammunition or gives them access to it. They have hierarchy who are affiliated with the government and they usually get access to these weapons and used it for killing themselves. There are many reasons for other individuals.

What are the processes of recruitment?
They can be inducted through the following

Through inducement: offering you what you want in exchange in taking what they need.

Through coercion: this could be either through physical pressure or violence and even blackmails

Through Advertisement

Through Direct invitation

Through deceit etc.

How can the university curb the activities of cultism on her campus?

First, they should strengthen their security system and surveillance system
Secondly, they should be autonomous in implement their rules against cultism
Thirdly, there should be a disciplinary committee
They should also interview their student very well before admitting external candidates
They should make learning enjoyable and assignments to keep the students engaged
Finally, they should also implement their rules and punishment themselves
They should also hold the ideals of ‘pass to promote system’  and ‘fail to repeat the current class’ and no carryover to instill seriousness in the mind of the students.
Thank you very much.
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