consequences of greed

Consequences of greed are an articulated story about greed with total analysis.

This article will contribute to both students and even people involved in a business in order for them not to be tricked because of money.

Thrones build by greed always fall quickly.

It is just like picturing some species of a snake swallowing a poisonous toad and dying at the same time, this is greed. 

There are different doors opened to different opportunities, all, you have to do is choose wisely.

principles and Knowledge

I have come to understand that everything in this life works with underlying principles.

it is ok to have principles of what to do and what not to do but that is not all that is needed for a defensive battle against greed.

learn from the story of Sam.

The story of Sam adventure begins, read to unveil greeds nature

Sam was a student who wants to be a great man but he has the habit of taking it all from people.

He was sent to school but he chose to make money and sort courses instead.

It started as a kid, Sam has three siblings.

When something is giving to them Sam will take everything without giving to his siblings.

He did this for a long time, finally, things got rough for him.

Gambling Stage

He wanted to have it all so he engaged in gambling.

On a special day he was giving an option to pay 10,000 naira to win 100,000 he was intrigued to join in this promising offer but at the end of the day,

He lost more than 10,000 but he never learned his lessons.

Sam entered the university with his greed was not willing to quit on it so he started doing online business.

He gambles but he doesn’t defraud people.

Sam stumbled upon a message on Facebook, one certain day and he commented on it.

He got a message instantly telling him to put his money on a platform.

Sam saw an opportunity to earn without stress so he opted in instantly and he was defrauded.

Sam lost everything including his school fee.

why most things happen to us

These things happen because they are human instincts.

So it has the effect to incite things we don’t want to do.

People usually use the psychology of others by pretending to give them more meanwhile sapping everything from them.

how I see Greed

Greed is the insatiable longing for material gain be it food, money or power.

Greed is like a bottomless pit, that no matter what goes in it will never satisfy it.

The purpose of greed

The purpose of greed is to deprive others of their basic needs.

Sam was never like this before, he was turned into what he was today because he was never given enough.

What then happened?

People will use the psychological weaknesses in greed to tap into your storage and get more than you planned to take from them.

As a student, you might be destitute, this is because you are not having enough.

Sometimes because you feel the need for liberating the suffering that your parents are facing.

People will try to prey on your weak point, don’t let people act on those common loopholes.

Keep your emotions intact.

Do not let anyone know the reason you are looking for money and definitely don’t act like you are looking for money desperately.

Sometimes people hide the real reason why they get close to you.

This is done in order to gain something from you in the long run.

Some of your friends can be converted to reason like you.

while others might convert you to reason like them.

It all depends on how quickly you can be converted to believe other people’s ideologies.

The story continues

Sam started by doing social media so he also stumbled upon an article that said give me 500000 thousand naira to get 1000000 naira.

He never wanted his parents to keep suffering, so he was tempted to go in but was defrauded instead and this nearly costs him his life on campus.

He became a frustrated and bitter person.

Don’t let greed make you think of assisting when it is not needed

Now listen, It is nice of you to think of helping your parents but also knows that they have their own pride in training you.

If you end up training yourself with your money and you ended up messing up then you will make life more miserable for them.

Based on what Sam did, his money was lost and his mother died when she was trying to get him out of the debt.

He wanted to help his parents but now the parents ended up dying for him instead.

He ended up losing not just the money but his family member.

How do you know when you are being defrauded?

I have tested so many of these things, I literally got the same result on all occasions.

First tip

First, If you are psychologically ready to do almost everything to get something.

Then people are going to work on that trend to take things from you.

People will work on your insecurity and tap into your unease.

So don’t give them the opening to know you are desperately in need of something if not they will work on that.

Second tip

Secondly, it always comes in this scenario give me 1,000 to get 2,000 without doing anything.

You should be able to detect cases like that because they are suspicious on their own.

It is only when you work that you expect those gain and also losses.

And, not just a random person meeting you either online or reality and telling you about getting 100,000 nairas for 300,000 nairas.

Nothing works like that in this world how can you reap what you didn’t sow.

If the person has those amount of money to solve his problem then why does he/she want to give it away just like that?

A nice question people should be asking themselves.

Another tip to know a fraudster

Another tip to know fraudsters is this

If you have already given the fraudsters the money.

It is their culture to be more greedy than you, so they will give you an excuse that the deal stopped halfway.

That it was service issue or that something is lacking so they will ask you to top to what you have already given.

Sometimes that topping to it will be added to the original money they want to give you.

With all these signs coming to place look for a way to report them to the police because they are fraudsters.

Advice for campus and business male and female

Don’t allow money to control your natural instinct, it will weigh on every action that is within your cognitive domain.

Develop the tricks to shake off the temptations of doubling to what you already have without hard work.

Don’t let people know that you take unnecessary risks in business or anything at all in your life.

If not, these people will always present Ideas in other to defraud you.


Finally, know your weakness and strength and don’t let others discover it before you.

When you discover it, work on them to understand them and know how people will apply them in manipulating you.

Only with this method can you not suffer defeat but also try to learn from every defeat.

Great Tip and Advice

The tip I want to share is that people should know how to calculate and predict other people’s actions.

This is to understand when they have crossed the space of help to the space of greed.

Being patient and working hard will get your mind out of fast money.

Just have the patient that your hard work will pay.

When you want to gain double what you have without working for the other half you end up losing the original things you have already got.

just like Sam who lost not just his money and became indebted but also lost his mother.

So be wise when making decisions on these threatening situations.

Put everything into consideration, calculate for the visible and invisible.

And, try to picture the consequence in the near future because greed makes us not to trust in other

Also, learn from a Russian story about greed in quora from here.

Thanks for reading.

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