How to be at the top of your class

how to be at the top of your class, is a story written mainly to enlighten students of the slice of life on campus.

The story of Sam and Jack and how they achieved good results in their academics.

Don’t be too hasty when you are reading this story, so in the end, you will find out what I meant by the topic.

Before Jack came to the popular campus in the city, his father redesigned his mental faculty.
He asked Jack before he left for the city what success was?
Jack was finally moving out of the countryside.
So Jack was technically behaving like dumb and uncivilized.

Jack found the question his father asked interestingly.

He was unable to clearly give an adequate answer to the question that his father has asked him.

This is because it does not have a generality to its definitions but has common things that won’t be misplaced.

His father whispered something to Jack before he left and it changed a lot of things since then.

Jack’s father has always been a smart man and he has known jack ever since he was a little because Jack is his son.

Jack was the only son to his father and the mother was late.

The death of Jack’s mother made the family a little unstable for a while.

The one that was mostly devastated for Jack was because his mother took an accident that was meant to be his own.

The story continues

Jack always learns at his father’s feet, the father would carry him and tell him the story of great men and dreamers and people that lead a purposeful life.

Once in a while, it crosses Jack’s thought about why his father was not rich if he knew all these tricks.

He will always remember his father’s voice telling him, the world is not fair, my son.

Jack has got admission to study in the city and one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

It was one of a kind and tye university has graduated people who ended up contributing to the nation.

When he entered school, he saw the polished lifestyle that everybody was living and he was kind of left out.

Jack came from an interior village after, so it was ok if he doesn’t fit into life in the city.

He worked hard to overcome his shortcomings.

Dressing and Lifestyle

The competition on dressing and lifestyle was difficult that it was almost crazy for Jack to keep up.

This is because he doesn’t have any friends and doesn’t belong with any clique.

The university has an enormous social event going on.

The movement was so competitive that if you are not found doing similar things you will be considered as an unrealistic man.

The current newbie of the university came for the latest lifestyle.

They also receive heads start for their career as most people in the university are considered as a celebrity.

The University you are going to

This University is in the far west of Nigeria.

It is renowned for its productivity and popularity.

They have quality lecturer and the same university is full of the latest lifestyle because it is like a world it’s own.

Ordinarily different people come to school for different reasons and these reasons range from personal to other reasons.

The reason Jack came to school

Why did Jack come to school in a city anyways?

The class where Jack found himself was a banking and finance class with almost 200 students.

Out of the 200 students, 100 came just to acquire the certificate and drop it and face their real love that is if they had any.

These ones where not the master of their destiny and never had a love for what they were doing.

Jack and his classroom

Then 50 out of the remaining student came for lifestyle and enjoyment while the remaining 50 came to study for the thing they loved.

however, 30 are not confident with themselves because of their low background and low foundation from their primary and secondary schools.

Where does Jack fall in?

Jack falls in among the remaining 20 students that know why they are in the university and also that has confidence with themselves.

During the first and second semester, Jack was almost invisible as no one knows if such a guy is in the school or not.

He was often intimidated by a group of rich kids who were in their class.

These rich people called themselves the Blazers.

They were not a cult group but just a social group of rich kids.

The criteria for being among them is for your father to have influence.

Jack’s father never had an influence not even in his society but was quite educated.

This group always intimidate the weak and those that not on their clique and Jack was among the people that have taken their sharp blow.

Jack, 200 level

After a lecture at an advance economic, that was when Jack was in his 200 levels.

A friend came to him, his name was Sam.

He was tall and handsome and also very rich and influential but was a little bit dull.

Sam was initially following the blazers but he really has a love for learning and never wanted to be a politician like his father.

He called on to Jack and told him that he needed help but Jack asked what kind of help he meant.

He told him that he needed a tutor then Jack said if it was something he could help out with that he will be obliged to do so.

Jack excelled because….

The reason why Jack was not among 180 students mentioned earlier was that his father always stuck his nose on Jack’s studies.

He monitored him and encouraged him.

Moreover, Jack was determined in learning everything and anything.

Jack was always quiet so it was hard for anyone to notice that he was brilliant.

how did Sam discover this?

Jack was different from others, he has that quality, Sam said to himself.

Her mother has always told him you will meet a genius and when you do you will surely see the difference.

Sam was always observant fortunately he was observing every student in the class.

He was praised by people for his elegance but Jack hardly minds this kind of stuff and was indifferent to them.

Jack fixed the Time that was convenient for both of them.

He started tutoring Sam and later on, they became very close.

By the end of the semester, Sam passed very well.

Sam had a sister she was beautiful like the midnight sun, fair and bright she was one class below Sam.

One day she came to visit his brother in his class and he saw Jack.

They both went to the cafeteria together and there she got to love Jack.

Sam changed because he wanted to

When Sam went home there was a change around him.

The father could see that he has changed a lot positively.

His father asked him about his studies and social life while they were eating at the dinner table.

Sam explained how he has managed for the past two years and the kind of friend he has been with.

His father loved the thought of his son improving and with that he gave permission for his friendship with Jack.

Jack always goes to the library on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

While he was on his normal routine he met Rachael Sam’s little sister and they started a conversation.

She acknowledged Jack’s motivations for reading.

Jack was feeling alone in his life he has chosen this new life.

This is because there were no many people on this track with him.

They believe it was a lonely path and a waste of time to read books.

She was impressed by the kind of person Jack was.

The story about a successful man and a looser

At this point in time, Jack remembered what his father usually tells him about a successful man and a loser.

His father told him that a successful man is always ready to tread the lonely road even when nobody wants to.

His father always tells him not to follow others to their own grave.

That if he must enter a grave he must choose the one to enter.

Jack later found friends that understood his nature and that also loves reading.

This was possible because he never gave up but the other group disbanded and never spoke to each other.

This is also because they were built without trust in mind.

Analysis of this story

Jack was able to meet Rachael and Sam and a permit to visit their mansion any time he wants to.

He also has a job-ready for him as a banker.

A bank has already scouted him because of his special thirst for knowledge and a wide range of data analysis.

His love for the course he was doing was never discouraged even when others spaced out from him and was involved in fashion and different unappealing extracurricular activities.

Jack was never afraid to be different or to be alone at first but later got good and genuine friends.

To make it to the top, jack has to be emulated.

neither is the answer easy to bring out.

Advice for young people

First, love what you are doing

To make it to the top you need to love what you are doing.

Definitely you will have people that will speak against it but your love for it should be stronger than anything else.

Have faith and believe that all will turn out well.

while you are following your path keep an open mind and don’t shun people around you.

If Jack would have shunned Sam then he wouldn’t have become his special friend.

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Thank you.

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