5 TIPS for stress management, that you need in your life

5 TIPS for stress management, that you need in your life is an article I think will be most helpful for campus or students.

this article is mainly published for general health purposes.

Stress management is one of the critical things that will help us advance our live longer and it is not easy to do so.
I want to take you through a journey that will give you stress management power.

When we are done with these guides, all that will be left will be moments of joy, this is because your joy will be to your satisfaction.

Do you know why some coaches die early or have health issues early in their lives?

It is because of low-stress management, know this, it is not only coaches that are affected, other professions are affected in this also.

Have you been struggling to keep your stress under control?

Well then, don’t allow it to weigh on you anymore, this is because thinking about it, is what escalated your stress.

Before I drive you down to the place of your happiness I want to let you in, on something you might have known or maybe you never knew.

Stress is like a double edge sword.

What do I mean by this? It basically means that stress can be good or bad.

Let me define stress for reference here👇

Stress is the body’s reaction to any change that requires adjustment or response.

These changes might incites reactions like emotional physical and mental processes.

With that illuminated, stress can be from the environment where you found yourself.

You can also feel stress through your body and also through your own thought.

That is to say, stress attacks your system through diverse means it will either empower you or subdue you.

I know you are asking yourself how can stress even empower me, well it does,

This is because when you are desperate for something hormones are poured into your bloodstream which enables you to either fight or takes a flight away from danger.

When talking about subduing, I mean stress can keep you depressed and make you even sick at some point when it becomes uncontrollable.

That is why you need stress management tips like this.

Here are the 5 guides that will help in stress management.

With that said, I will also tell you the different types of stress.

We have three types of stress but in general, stress is either eustress or distress both are either acute or chronic.

Let us speed up a bit.

We have acute stress:

do you know that acute stress is the most common type of stress according to statistics?

Well if you know, that is good because nothing changes from the original lesson.

That means I will update your information even more but if you don’t know.

well, that is good also, this because you are on the right track.

Acute stress is unique in a way because it comes suddenly and if properly managed, disappear whence it came from.

Acute stress comes as a result of the demand and pressures of the past present and near future.

Know this, acute stress is thrilling and exciting In small dose but too much of it can lead to exhaustion.

We also have episodic stress

You know like an episode of different events.

Do you know human been are like computers or phones?

When you open too many tasks on this device, sometimes you become confused and at some point will need refreshing in order to bounce back.

So these types of stress occur when people are overwhelmed by too many tasks and are unable to meet up that demand.

People who suffer from this type of stress are often short-tempered, they are irritated by little things and very anxious to know the state of things in their lives.

They always view life from a negative perspective.

Well then let us hit the last one,

which is chronic stress:

This is acute stress that has been left either unnoticed or unresolved.

It starts lasting longer than usual, it becomes dormant in our life if left unresolved.

It comes from a state of living, like


a dysfunctional family

bad jobs and unhappy marriage, etc.

There is no real need for much explanation I believe, so why don’t we hit the accelerator button.

I call these 5 guides for managing stress ‘the arc’.(stress management)

The first stress management tip on my list is hydration.

How many liters of water are you supposed to take in a day?

Well, believe it or not, water is a natural remedy to so many malfunctions and I’ll health.

You should take at least 8 ounces of a class of water or 2 liters of water.

This is because your body needs it to look sharp, it needed to distill your system. This is what we called 8×8 rules.

Your internal clock:

this is another stress management tip,

I know you must have been wondering, what is an internal clock and what does it have to do here.

Well, the time you sleep and wakes up matters a lot.

Everybody has this internal alarm.

You should have a total schedule for each day.

Don’t just drift around allowing activities to determine your schedule.

It is a good thing for a day to be planned.

It is generally good to sleep before 10.00 pm at night.

Sleep the same time all through the year make it your pattern for life.

With this method, you won’t be bothered by your early morning alarm ever again.

make it a habit to sleep at your selected time and don’t deviate from it.

This is a tested method and it works.

The third stress management tips talk about taking a break from everything around you and spend time with nature.

If you are staying in the city, it will be good to go to a place where nature abounds and spend time there.

When you are doing this, try speaking positivity into your life, Be affirmative.

Be open-minded watch the beautiful creations with awe and put it down to your mind.

you will be surprised how good it will work.

The brain responds well to a calm environment at this point you will be able to calmly meditate and reflect on things.

The fourth stress management tip talks about Planning your recess and rest period:

I believe some jobs allow you to take a break.

When you are working,  plan your work.

It is better to work from 8 am to 12 pm and rest for 2 hours, then work for the next 2 hours then go home and rest.

You can not do everything at the same time, you will even work better when you plan your work life and include proper rest to it.

Do one job at a time don’t force yourself to do multiple tasks.

This is because we can’t do multiple tasks at the same time so take it one step at a time.

The fifth stress management tip talks about Physical activity and deep breathing:

try waking up by 5:30 am breath In and out for a period of 30 minutes after purifying the air in your system jog 10-15 minutes before you start your daily activity.

Once you do this every morning for a while and make it a habit you will notice a change in your system and your brain will have a better mechanism to fight stress.

Bright Gabriel answered a question on stress management 

Make this a habit and entrust yourself into doing all of these things, be cheerful always in everything you do and you will be surprised how much will change in a short while.

If you practice this guide and it works for you then connect with us for more updates.

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