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5 things you don’t know about abortion

5 things you don’t know about abortion is an article I wrote while thinking about abortion in its entirety

The things you don’t know about abortion are too many.

Unfortunately, many people focus on the known part already.

Abortion is at its height in society and the various university and colleges in the world.

Well, as we all know, pregnancy is caused by sexual intercourse due to unprotected sex and rape.

Sometimes while abortion is the intentional removal of an embryo or fetus before coming out properly.

it has its consequences and reasons why it should be abhorred.

I know you must have heard or read about the various misfortunes of abortion ranging from being unable to give birth again to even death.

5 things you don’t know about abortion

Apart from death and the inability to give birth, there are other things that you don’t know about abortion.

Let me give you shocking information that will make you think,

the power of the soul, what abortion has caused a man

1. Did you know that abortion damages the soul?

Does the soul have a light and dark aspect of it?

Yes, it does.

Abortion damages the light aspect of the soul because it closes of conscience at some point in life.

The light and darkness struggle within themselves all the time to see the one that comes up victorious.

The more you commit abortion the more you give power over the dark aspect of your soul.

This enables the dark part of your soul to succeed and have more power over the light aspect of your soul.

Just know that these two forces try to take preeminence over one’s life.

The more you commit abortion the more you weaken the positive energy and gives power to the negatives energy.

digestive system and eating

2. Did you know that abortion causes an eating disorder?

Yes, it does but how?

According to Theresa Burker Ph.D., they do so because un-express emotions cause eating disorders, Which is called Anorexia.

Anorexia is common because it is an internal defense during the post-abortion period, to avoiding eating unintentionally.

Some women get fat or thin which will make people at the end unable to desire them again.

Abortion vs Child delivery

3. Did you know that Doctors find late period abortion harder to perform than child delivery?

Well yes, if you don’t know, then you should know it today.

This is because the complications that come with abortion are too much.

Also, there are things that people don’t know about abortion that the doctors themselves also find mysterious and hard to understand.

The internal questions that pose treat, what doctors are afraid the most

The doctor tries to question himself in many ways.

If he is ready to take the life of a newborn baby and if he will be able to live with himself with that murder.

I know most of the doctor has gone out the period of fear since they have been doing it for a long time.

There are still other things we don’t know about abortion, tat still scares doctors.

When Doctors breath down as a sign of relief

4. Did you also know that safely performed abortion is breathtaking and relaxing?

This is because the doctor will only relax when he knows that the woman in question has passed the danger zone.

The emotional effect of Abortion

5. Did you know that abortion has an emotional effect?

Yes, it does, Let me list out most of the emotional aspect of abortion.

They are,




The inability to forgive oneself is one of the emotional disturbances of abortion.

Social alienation, denials, and rejection, etc.

I know this thing is self-explained but if you want more explanation then tell me through the comment box.

Anxiety disorder is different, they are a group of mental illness and they keep you away from your normal life experience.

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