5 major ways to avoid being a Rape victim

5 major ways to avoid being a Rape victim, is an article that I believe will help individuals to avoid being a victim of rape on campus and anywhere in society.

due to research and conservation and equally asking of questions I have come up with these tips on how to avoid being a rape victim.

This practical knowledge is easy to learn and it won’t be long you will see it benefit in your life and life of others around you.

please don’t hesitate to ask me a question about this content.

1. The first one is to understand yourself.

Are you exhuming sexual vibration at all times in your life?

whether publicly or privately?

A question you should be able to answer if you were to wear short and tight clothes and you try to notice how people gaze at you.

There are categories of people called sex siren.

The body characteristics these people possess are sexually alarming because they send off sex signals with just their eyes.

their eye contacts, the clothes they wear,  their voices also.

their voices are like ultrasound, it pierces and breaks anything it touches.

Their warmth and breath are comforting in so many diverse ways.

If you are like this set of people then the easiest way to curb this side of you is for you;

Wear clothes that don’t overlap your body or partly cover it.

That means the cloth you wear should not be tight at all and should cover your body thoroughly.

You should probably reduce how you look at a male entity in the eye for long.

It is good to maintain eye contact when discussing with people but it shouldn’t last more than a minute.

Then look elsewhere on different objects, before you take a look again.

You should be in an official conversational state with people at all times except they are your close relative, trusted friends or immediate family members.

You should probably avoid much of, hugging people who don’t really need the hug for comfort or as a form of greeting because they might be thinking something different entirely.

This is the reason you should understand yourself.

2. The second one is to understand your environment.

Your environment is your surroundings and to understand it then you must be familiar with it very well.

Predict what people around you could do and what they would want from you the most.

You can achieve this by

Intently studying more of your environment and people around you.

You know people are like a book the more read a book the more familiar it becomes to you.

Know how they gaze at you

Take notice of their flattery

Always try to throw them off balance by asking them some unexpected questions to know their reaction.

With this I mean you should learn how to test people’s competence.

Ask the kind of questions they may never believe is coming from you and see their reaction.

Questions like I am bored and lonely and I stay by myself.

Take notice of the male entity also, that persistently ask for your location and place of residence and always asks for you to visit them.

3. The third one is known as the kind of life you display to others for them to see.

Some female entity is innocent and fragile.

They conceal those characteristics with might and waywardness meanwhile deep down they don’t like clubbing and can’t stay alone with a guy.

It is not like it is bad to go to the club but, know your wants.

Know the things you want to risk your personality for, If you don’t like clubbing don’t go there.

Moreover, if you must go don’t go alone.

Know your friends’ intention of inviting you to a club and don’t be too hard on yourself when you disappoint him or her if her reason is not genuine.

Different people go to the club for different reasons.

Some go to the club to flirt with ladies.

To have fun and drink.

To meet new and old friends.

For discussing business with business partners,  just know why you are going there.

When you don’t uphold your innocent, a guy will think you are already self-abased, so he will be thinking of having his ways with you.

Don’t also listen to your friends all the time try to be discrete and think for yourself.

The fourth is like a call to action

4. The fourth one is being assertive.

You shouldn’t care who is targeting you, just avoid the suspected persons in your list, people your instinct is telling you they are dangerous.

If they persist in trailing and spying on you, report them to the police.

Don’t move out in the night and dark places.

Don’t walk alone whether in the night or day or in lonely places.

Know who to trust and who not to trust at least with a few days of knowing someone you should be able to learn a lot about the person.

Don’t stay too late with a guy you probably know nothing about, because of his innocence.

Do not spend the night with a man, no matter how he persuades you to do so.

So always stay alert and one step ahead of your friends and foes.

Each time you want the answer for something, Place yourself as that thing whether objects or the gender you want to analyze and ask yourself these questions.

if I were him, what will I do?

At least that should give you 75% of the answer you need because sometimes our instinct may not be always right.

The way will treat others might not be how they will treat us.

You should avoid an awkward situation with any man.

5. In all things try to be unpredictable like most animals.

Change your routine as quickly as possible like a chameleon.

I know it might be hard to comprehend this since humans are wired in so many ways.

They can not over tasks themselves, and they find it easier to behave in a particular way than behaving in multidimensional ways.

That is why humans’ schedules are easier than drifting around the wind.

If you make your routine to be flexible rather than strict then it might be unfathomable because it will be unpredictable for a rapist.

That is why assassins find it easier to kill someone that has regular and strict schedules than someone that has a flexible routine they find it hard predicting them.

You can add up to your knowledge of rape here

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