3 days twitter link contest for 10$


               3 days twitter link contest for 10$


To enter for the contest register

Put your first name but the last name should be written as twitter contest


* indicates required

Terms and condition for this contest

This contest will kick off after 10 days

This contest holds every 3 days, and the next cycle will always be communicated to the fan base on twitter but will probably happen next week after the last contest.

For you to be eligible for this contest,

First, you must have a twitter account

Secondly, you must follow the account hosting the contest, which is https://twitter.com/BrightGabriel16

Thirdly you must follow/subscribe to the blog that is sponsoring the contest, which is https://campussolve.com

You must share at least 1 post from the sponsored blog

for you to be considered for winning grade, you must have at least 20 retweets and 25 links clicked.

Your email is needed to follow or subscribe to the sponsored blog, campussolve, that Email will be used to contact all contestants and share one link to each of the contestants, each of the contestants may have different links.

What the host, as well as the sponsor, is looking out for is for the highest retweet and link clicks from the link given to each of the contestants.

The contestant is allowed to form the message as please and to give it a suitable title to attract clicks and retweet.

The contestant should read the content sharing to people in other to know how to follow up comments.

The contestant is allowed to add a specific hashtag to boost their chances of winning but must add the parent hashtag “campussolve 3 days twitter link contest for 10$”

The contest is not allowed to use through fraudulent means to achieve retweet and link clicks

Any fraudulent means of winning notice, there will be sanctioned of not receiving the money

By the end of 3 days, the contestant should send their tweet analytics for ranking and payments

To be precise the submission will end by 11:59 of the third day every submission after that time will then be nulled.

The contestant should have PayPal account with the email used for subscribing to the sponsor’s blog, campussolve.com but if it is different the contestant should forward the email address through direct message or through this Email: brightgabriel492@gmail.com

But for those within the region of Nigeria that does not have a PayPal account should forward their acct number and name in case the person wins, the money will be transferred to them.

The winner should post the evidence of payment through the hashtag of campussolve 3 days twitter link contest for 10$

The money will be transferred before the end of the fourth after the announcement of the result through the hashtag campussolve 3 days twitter link contest for 10$

Any question and inquiry, individuals should contact the sponsor through, brightgabriel492@gmail.com

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