Why did society define who we are meant to be?

Was everyone meant to be in the college environment?

A question that I have asked myself as many times as possible. College was not meant for everyone but society has made everyone believe that it is for everyone, now society grades everybody’s importance based on college, but people still need skills.


It was well obliged for one to be learned, still, society has nothing to offer to graduates.

Most graduates become loss after their school and their situation turns to the worst, meanwhile, it was meant to be so.


Genders and college?

The society encourages women to go to school and colleges nowadays but women after college 96% only think of becoming a housewife. That is why most ladies after colleges get married off to a privileged man and put the certificate to rest.

The society wanted us all to go to school but doesn’t provide us what to do after school.

The society said it is good for both to go to school but unconscious designate powers, authority and all the necessary work to the gentlemen.


Categories that society has placed us on

The society has already categorized each of us right from the inception.

In an underdeveloped country, 0.01 percent of ladies go to school but don’t have a utility application of the school they are going to. This makes them rely on their counterparts on all basis.

The society has already determined the few that will use their heard-earned certificate and versed knowledge in applying to society.


The society has already determined those that will serve others and the ones people will serve. It is aid that the balanced must be maintained.


The society decides the talented and dumps the untalented. He decides who get preferential treatments and others that do not.



The broken chain

Some have broken away from the natural order.

They are the ones fighting the storm.

There those that are mostly untalented and but refuse to accept defeat that the society has placed on them.

There are selected individual that fought the natural order, most of them are well known across the nation.

Our very famous musician Wizkid, many People thought he would not make it in life and probably music, but he proved them all wrong.

People also thought the famous musician Davido would not succeed in the industry, after all, he didn’t have the natural voice but here he is making it.


Fear between success and failure

Many people who failed to act when they had their chance were probably as a result of fear.

The fear of the unknown places us in a category.

In the end, it was not society that placed you where you are but your fears.

Ladies become afraid of not getting married after college that they end up not using their talents, gift, and hard work they had acquired over the years and run of with guys they believe will take care of them.


The New age

Ladies are not meant to be housewives they are entrepreneurs. They go to school and make optimum use of the environment they came out from as well as their qualifications.

Many of them are doing better and respected, people like Linda Ikeji, and so many entrepreneurs, their stories are so thrilling and exhilarating that it gives hope to the hopeless.


College and society

College is meant to be for enlighten the society has made everyone belief after college is a carry and a college experience are for money and work. Nobody wants to understand the love for something

Nigerian society gave people a prestigious course to study instead of a loved course.

The society makes young scholars impatient of waiting for the right time and the course to go to school but has given them a choice of waiting forever or takes the one you’ve seen already.


Advantages of society to college

The society helps shape the way college is meant to be executed.

Good society with an enormous culture has contributed to the development of the college.

A society produces competent men and women who end up contributing great service to college by becoming a teacher and lecturer.

A college is made up of societies and it is included in a bigger society itself which contributes financially as well as morally to them.


Disadvantages of society to college

If the society is bad it automatically affects the college, a corrupt system adheres to a corrupt system too.

The society inflicts pains to the students by valuing one course over another, this makes other course looks unimportant and undeveloped for utility usage.

Bad society steals from the college instead of supporting it, The Nigerian society has no specific norms on how to run college that is why the college is so corrupt and not productive at all.

The society designs the education system so when a society is valueless it produces college that is valueless also.


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